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Forms and Agreements

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Helpful Tools and Resources

Review OSPR guidelines, forms, and templates below and in the Proposal Development Guide.  If you need assistance in developing your next proposal, please reach out to our office.

Proposal Preparation Tools

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Internal Forms and Resources

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The Proposal Submission Guidelines & Checklist provides guidance on the documents and information necessary to submit a proposal through Clark University.  The following internal Forms are required for all external funding proposals, and helps our office collect information for compliance, reporting, and research administration purposes.

Note: The Safe & Inclusive Off-Campus Plan applies only to NSF proposals

formOSPR has several templates and samples of proposal sections that include standard language about Clark in terms of institutional capacity, salary and fringe benefit information, mentoring plans, etc.  These templates can be customized to fit your specific Department, Office, and proposed project.



OSPR will periodically offer training to faculty, staff, and students related to research administration, grant writing, budgets, and other areas.  If you have a suggestion on a training subject, please reach out to OSPR to discuss options.


Once a grant is awarded, there are established processes for acceptance, initial set-up in Clark’s financial system, compliance requirements, and overall grant management throughout the lifecycle.  Guidelines and forms, as well as additional resources that may apply to specific awards, are listed below.

*Grant Payroll Authorizations for undergraduate students are submitted through Interview Exchange; currently, GPAs for graduate students are still submitted on the GPA Form to Grant Accounting, but will transition to IE in the near future.

There are additional resources available to use as needed depending on the grant award.  Some award include collaborations with other institutions or independent consultants. Some awards will have post-doctoral researchers involved in the project.  Here are additional resources if applicable.

*The agreement templates listed above are for informational purposes only. Formal agreements with outside agencies can only be developed and signed by authorized officials of Clark University. All inquiries regarding contracts, subcontracts, research agreements, materials transfer, and memoranda of understanding should be directed to the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research.

External Resources

Federal Agency Grant Resources

Submission Portals

Federal Application Portals

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