Mental Health Toolbox

Distress stemming from situational problems, immediate crises, and longstanding mental health concerns can make everyone feel scared and isolated. We even feel helpless when we see friends or loved ones experience mental health problems too. In order to help empower you and those around you, we here at Clark University Center for Counseling and Personal Growth have put together a Mental Health Toolbox to meet those overwhelming needs. We hope that this library of resources can be used in conjunction with your therapy or simply to gain some relief, direction and self-help.

We also seek to benefit from the wisdom of Clark students. If you have found a website, app, video or national organization that you found particularly helpful, we would like to know. Please send any ideas to CPG Director, Megan Kersting, at


Feeling suicidal: Get help now

How do I help a friend

Apps for self-help

Abuse: physical and sexual

Anxiety, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive disorder


Body image and disordered eating

Break ups

Conflict resolution

Depression & bipolar disorder


Happiness and resilience

Healthy relationships


Mindfulness (Meditation)



Social anxiety

Stress reduction and self-care

Test anxiety and fear of public speaking


Time management, procrastination and motivation

Trauma: normal reactions to traumatic events