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Invest in your students’ futures—and your own—by learning how to effect large-scale change in education.

Advance your career, boost your earning potential, and increase your ability to shape the lives of your students with Clark University’s Educational Leadership Certificate. Developed in partnership with school administrators, the certificate program empowers educators and administrators at all levels to embrace late-breaking educational trends.

If you are like most classroom instructors and educational leaders, you wear multiple hats and juggle a dizzying number of responsibilities. You are a mentor and guide to students on the one hand, while serving in collegial and managerial capacities with your academic peers. And a lot rides on your success.

Whether you are a teacher, principal, superintendent, or headmaster, ongoing professional development is critical to your advancement in a rapidly changing educational environment. Clark University’s educational leadership program is designed to help you meet your challenges with knowledge and skill—and the confidence of knowing you have those essential tools at your disposal.

Why a Certificate in Educational Leadership at Clark University

  • Build pivotal skills in leadership, participatory decision-making, and educational policy development and analysis.
  • Boost your network, your confidence, and your real-world knowledge with transformational hands-on experiences.
  • Learn from faculty members who are influential thought leaders in the education realm.
  • Obtain a professional certificate with an individualized curriculum on your terms —  online and evening classes and affordable tuition.
Mary M. Piecewicz

Charting a Course Toward Impactful Leadership

Working closely with local school departments and administrators, Clark faculty members have developed a curriculum by educational leaders, for educational leaders.

The certificate provides practical, insightful, and career-enhancing skill development specifically for educational administrators and education practitioners.

The Essentials

Program Overview

Our Certificate in Educational Leadership program consists of six management-focused courses. Start dates in January, June, or September — as well as the option to take a class before applying to see if it’s right for you — make the program flexible and accessible for working professionals.

If you have extensive professional experience in any of the required core courses, you may petition for the requirement to be waived in consultation with the MPA program lead. If your petition is approved, you may replace the waived core course with another MPA elective course.

  • Issues and Cases in Public Administration
  • Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • Leadership
  • Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
  • Fundamentals of Business Analysis
  • Change Management


  • 6 courses

Course Catalog

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