LEEP: Liberal Education and Effective Practice

Become a leader, collaborator, and creative thinker poised to solve the most daunting challenges of our time. Develop focused skills to make immediate contributions to the workplace, and build broad capacities—from critical thinking to self-directedness—valued in any industry. Turn your talents and passions into a rewarding career—and lead a life that's full, fulfilling, and impactful.

Enrolling at Clark University means joining a smart, talented, passionate, and driven community. It means embracing the chance to explore the world in all its complexity—in order to transform it for the better. And it means jumping into a challenging, dynamic, life-changing experience called LEEP (Liberal Education and Effective Practice).

LEEP is Clark University's pioneering model of education that combines a robust liberal arts experience with authentic engagement in the world and workplace.

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The LEEP Learning Model

Students will benefit from an aligned and integrated set of educational experiences:

Choose Clark. Change lives.

  • LEEP builds on Clark's legacy of pushing boundaries and addressing issues of global consequence. More »

    • LEEP Innovations

      As it becomes more deeply ingrained in Clark University culture, LEEP will continue to build on itself, adding innovative opportunities such as:

      • Communities of Effective Practice—Students working collaboratively in multigenerational, interdisciplinary groups on projects of shared interest
      • LEEP Resource Center—On-campus hub making it easier for students to intentionally design the best Clark experience for their future
      • LEEP Project—Students publicly demonstrating mastery of the LEEP learning outcomes, including capacities of effective practice
      • LEEP Alliance—Organizational partners working with Clark to design a leading student workplace experience that creates the next generation of leaders
      • LEEP Mentors—Worldwide network of successful Clark alumni providing career guidance to students and helping recent graduates transition to the workplace
      • LEEP Collaboratory—Faculty and students conducting research, developing outcome assessment tools, and evaluating effective practice

LEEP's robust programs and thoughtful, integrated curriculum are more than a prescription—they're a menu. You'll combine course requirements with experiences in the classroom, the world, and the workplace that are most appropriate and relevant to your individual needs.

No two Clark students will LEEP alike. Only you can answer the question: How will you LEEP?