Undergraduate Academics

Undergraduate Academics

What is LEEP? Liberal Education and Effective Practice is Clark's pioneering model of liberal education. It links a deep and integrated undergraduate curriculum with opportunities to put knowledge into practice. Ours is a dynamic learning environment with strong social values that encourages students to seek out innovative solutions to real-world problems and create positive change in our community and our world. 

Students benefit from small classes, a strong sense of community and access to extensive co-curricular opportunities. Working closely with faculty and advisors, our students develop essential skills in communication, self-advocacy and resilience. They engage with the world and carry a conviction that, as a consequence of an education that challenges convention, they can change the world for the better. A Clark education prepares our students for remarkable careers and purposeful, accomplished lives.

Fall Semester
Aug. 29 to Dec. 12

Spring Semester
Jan. 17 to May 1

May 21, 2017


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"I am deeply committed to liberal education, both in my teaching and intellectual work. Through its unique character and commitment to LEEP, Clark encourages students to think critically, engage challenges fearlessly and develop the capacities they’ll need to be successful throughout their lives."

Matt Malsky, associate provost and dean of the college