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Welcome to the Prelaw Advising Program

Thinking about a career in law, or do you want to combine a background in law with your major? Clark University’s Prelaw Advising Program can provide you with knowledge, credentials, and real-world experience for personal and professional success. As an added benefit, Clark’s internationally diverse student population and institutionalized sense of social consciousness encourages advocacy and the defense of justice.

Why Prelaw Advising at Clark?

  • Clark offers the broad, rigorous liberal arts background that is attractive to law schools.
  • Our prelaw advising staff is experienced and effective, with successful outcomes. Clark’s acceptance rates for law schools and our average LSAT scores are above the national averages.
  • With no law schools within the city of Worcester, Clark students more easily find internships than undergraduates in other big cities, such as Boston, Springfield, or Hartford.
  • The many vibrant campus activities, including mock trial competitions and other events sponsored Career Services and the student Prelaw Society, help form a supportive community of learners.
  • We offer extensive advice on preparing and applying to law school, including information about the LSAT and financing your law school education.

Databases, journals, job opportunities, and more at the Goddard Library

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Prelaw Advising Program

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