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Clark University has developed a web-based campus calendar to promote events organized by Clark schools, departments, offices, centers, libraries, and registered student groups. These events are open to the University community and, in most cases, the public.

Through the Clark calendar, you can:

  • View events via desktop or mobile devices.
  • Search for, or filter, events by day, unit, type, interest, audience, or sponsor.
  • Add events to your personal calendar (e.g., Google, Outlook).
  • Share events on social media.
  • Include event URLs in emails or QR codes.
  • Upload photos and graphics to highlight speakers or topics.
  • Make events viewable to the Clark community only with a Clark sign-on and password.
  • Connect your events to other department calendars, avoiding duplication of events.
  • Work with University Marketing and Communications to create categories or tags, which will create a URL for related events across the university (e.g., DEI events, International Education Week events, etc.).
  • Include your events in Clark’s main campus calendar (if they meet guidelines) or only in your department calendar.

Guidelines for Including Events

Clark’s main campus calendar is geared toward the broader campus community and, in most cases, the public, and showcases the vibrancy and diversity of academic and campus life.

For those reasons, the Campus Calendar Team in Clark’s Marketing and Communications Office has developed guidelines for including events in the main campus calendar vs. those that would be included only in your department calendar.

How to Add Events

To add events to Clark’s main campus calendar and/or to your department calendar, you must have access to, and have been trained in, Clark’s WordPress content management system — the same interface we use to create and update web pages at Clark.

Almost all offices, departments, centers/institutes, and programs have at least one person who has been trained to edit and update their unit’s web pages; they are called website administrators. As part of their Clark WordPress training, website administrators have learned how to input and update calendar events.

If you are unsure whether you have access to WordPress and the campus calendar, or want to know who in your department has access, contact the Campus Calendar Team in Marketing and Communications at

Editing by Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications may edit your events in the main campus calendar to ensure they are:

  • Consistent
  • Free from errors
  • Following the calendar/University editorial style
  • Following the guidelines for events to be included in the main campus calendar

More Information

Faculty and staff trained to use the Clark WordPress content management system also can input calendar events via their department websites. They do this by signing into WordPress with their Clark username and password.

First, you need to ask your department chair or office director whether you or someone else in your office should have WordPress/calendar privileges to input events and make changes on your department’s website.

Next, if you have the go-ahead, you will need access to the WordPress website and calendar system. You also will need to attend a training session to learn how to use both.

To set up access and schedule training, contact the Campus Calendar Team in Marketing and Communications at

We offer guidelines on which events are appropriate for the University’s main campus calendar. We also offer a list of events that are not appropriate.

Absolutely! For training, contact the Campus Calendar Team in Marketing and Communications at

Student clubs are encouraged to input and promote their club meetings through the Engage calendar, which requires a Clark sign-on to view events.

However, if a registered student organization has an event that is open to everyone on campus and/or the public, we encourage you to contact the Campus Calendar Team in Marketing and Communications at for consideration to be included in the main campus calendar. Examples of student events that might appeal to a broader campus audience or the public: plays and musicals, comedy and dance performances, etc.

No, but it’s highly encouraged. By including your event in the campus calendar:

  • You may attract more people to attend your event.
  • Your event may be selected to be featured on Clark’s Events landing page or ClarkNow publication.
  • You will curb the multiple event emails sent out to campus.
  • You will curb the amount of paper used to print posters.
  • You may find that it’s easier to know what’s happening on campus — and therefore avoid scheduling your event at the same date and time as other campus events.

The Events landing page is where Marketing and Communications identifies and promotes a handful of events happening on campus. We identify these events by searching the main campus calendar.

Human Resources no longer emails non-HR-related events to the campus. You are encouraged to share your event through the campus calendar instead.

Yes! If you have social media or a website for your department or program, we encourage you to share your event there; you can just share your event URL from the campus calendar (ideally, pulling a photo). You also can share your event URL in emails to the faculty, staff, and students within your department or, if you have one, in your blog or newsletter. Finally, the Clark Web Team can help you think about new ways to highlight your events on your department website.


If you have questions about the calendar or guidelines, contact the Campus Calendar Team in Marketing and Communications at