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Exhibition: Latin + American

March 15, 2021 - May 9, 2021 Eastern Time
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Please note: in-person viewing of the Schiltkamp Gallery and the “Latin + American” exhibit is open to the Clark campus community only. Members of the public can view the gallery exhibition on the Schiltkamp Gallery webpage.

This exhibition showcases a group of contemporary American artists of Latinx heritage, which
in itself includes a diverse group of identities having roots in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean,
Central and South America, and comprising the descendants of Indigenous peoples, European
settlers, and enslaved Africans. As the largest growing minority population in this country, these
artists, with their diverse perspectives and histories, will have an increasingly important impact
on national culture in the United States.

Gratitude is extended to Director Yulia Tikhonova and the Art Gallery at Eastern Connecticut
State University from which much of this work is on loan.



March 15, 2021
May 9, 2021


Schiltkamp Gallery, Traina Center for the Arts
92 Downing Street
Worcester, MA 01610