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Please Note: The gallery is currently open to the public. Visitors must have received their Covid-19 vaccination and are required to be masked at all times. Special events are limited to only the Clark campus community currently enrolled in the Clark University Covid-19 testing program.

The mission of the Schiltkamp Gallery is to enhance the Clark University community with a diverse range of exhibitions, lectures, and discussions.

The gallery was established by a generous gift from Arrien ’78 and Robin Schiltkamp in the honor of Jacob and Alida Hoven Schiltkamp. It supports the teaching of art at Clark University, as part of an interdisciplinary educational experience.

Exhibitions are developed in collaboration with Clark faculty members and courses, with attention to the needs and interests of the larger Worcester and Northeast arts communities.

Clark students work as interns with the gallery directors to develop, install, and maintain each of the exhibits. A schedule of four to five exhibitions during the academic year brings diverse and compelling interdisciplinary artwork to the Clark campus.

The final exhibit of every year is the annual Senior Thesis Show, highlighting the graduating seniors from the Studio Art Program.



Part I Featured Artists:
Caleb Cole, Stephen DiRado, Sherry Freyermuth,
Cathe Janke, Kirstin Lamb, Kevin McGerigle,
Toby Sisson, Soren Sorensen, Ulm

Clark visual arts images

Throughout the 2021/22 academic year (in three consecutive exhibitions), the Schiltkamp Gallery/Traina Center for the Arts will showcase the work of the many innovative visual arts faculty at Clark, while also introducing and welcoming those faculty joining us from the Becker School of Design and Technology – now part of Clark University.  Each of the three exhibitions will feature about ten artists and offer several opportunities for students, the extended campus community, and off-campus friends to hear them speak about their work, as well as view it.  The creative intertwining of teaching, research, and artistic practice at Clark will be surveyed and celebrated!

LUNCHTIME GALLERY TALKS: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 12-1:15. Limited to only the clark campus community currently enrolled in the Clark University Covid-19 testing program.

Pizza served outdoors on the plaza outside Razzo Hall / Melville Lobby at noon, followed by two exhibiting artists talking about their work in the Schiltkamp Gallery

EVENING RECEPTION AND GALLERY TALKS: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 4-6:00, TALKS 4:30-5:15. limited to only the Clark campus community currently enrolled in the Clark University Covid-19 testing program.

Above, L to R:
Toby Sisson, A.M.E.R.I.C.A.N., 2019, Encaustic monotypes on paper mounted on wood
Stephen DiRado, During Virus Time: Worcester, MA, My Hand and Donna, January 2, 2021, Silver Gelatin 8″ x 10″ contact print

Past Exhibitions

MAY 26 – JUNE 20


Graduating art majors who have undertaken thesis projects display their work:
Zachary Caspersen, Remi Koppel Egierd, Albert Larose, Emily Maynard, Stella Shapiro, Eva Tsimboukis

Senior thesis show poster

View Senior Thesis Show site

MARCH 15 – MAY 9, 2021

Latin + American

Latin American gallery showLatin American gallery show Latin American gallery showLatin American gallery show

Latin American gallery show Latin American gallery show

View Video of Gallery    Download Presentation

Artist talk video

Exhibiting Artists:
Tanya Aguiniga, Blanka Amezkua, Felipe Baeza
Lionel Cruet, David Antonio Cruz, Ana de la Cueva
Alexis Duque, Antonio Fonseca Vazquez, Ramiro Gomez
Alicia Grullón, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Rita Crocker Obelleiro
Dante Migone-Ojeda, Natalia Nakazawa, Lina Puerta, Nora Valdez

artwork - Alexis Duqueartwork - Alexis Duque artwork - Antonio Fonseca

This exhibition showcases a group of contemporary American artists of Latinx heritage, which in itself includes a diverse group of identities having roots in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, Central and South America, and comprising the descendants of Indigenous peoples, European settlers, and enslaved Africans. As the largest growing minority population in this country, these artists, with their diverse perspectives and histories, will have an increasingly important impact on national culture in the United States.

This exhibition includes work by Professor of Practice at Clark University, Antonio Fonseca.

Gratitude is extended to Director Yulia Tikhonova and the Art Gallery at Eastern Connecticut State University from which much of this work is on loan.

Above, L to R:
Alexis Duque, El Flautista, (2020), Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 12”
Alexis Duque, The Keeper, (2019), Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 12”
Antonio Fonseca, Corazon Atormentado, Pencil, watercolor, and acrylic on paper, 10 ¾ x 30”
Antonio Fonseca, Marketa Revisited, Pencil and watercolor on paper, 13 ¾ x30”



Visit the BODIES Exhibition site

Exhibiting Artists:
Alaine Becker, Douglas Breault, Megan Christiansen,
Valerie Claff, Michael Costello, Alex Gray,
Yoav Horesh, Howard Johnson, Alex Mancini,
Michael Moore, Kat O’Connor, Josh Ruder
Leslie Schomp, Toby Sisson, Jessica Teckemeyer

Michael Costello paintingYoav Horesh photoJosh Ruder sculptureToby Sisson Black Tears 1

Above, L to R:
MICHAEL COSTELLO, Boychick, 2018, Oil on canvas
YOAV HORESH, Mishaki (Burundi), 2018, Photograph
JOSH RUDERPreparing to Strike, 2018, Marble and Steel
TOBY SISSON, Black Tears (154) [detail], 2014-2020, Ink, beeswax on paper

In conjunction with the 2019-2020 Bodies Symposium sponsored by the Higgins School of Humanities, artist Geoffrey Chadsey presented his talk The Hysterical Male Body virtually on October 22, 2020, now available to view.

Black and white image of a man    Black and white image of a man

January 27 – February 28, 2020
Artist talk: Thursday, February 6, 4:15-5:00
Reception: Thursday, February 6, 5-6:00
Adjunct Professor of Studio Art at Clark and Assistant Professor of Communication at Worcester State University,
Eric Nichols explores notions of masculinity in these heroic yet vulnerable photographic portraits.

View Artist Statement

Images: Eric Nichols, Joel, 2017, Archival ink-jet print, 50×40”. Brian, 2017, Archival ink-jet print, 50×40”.

Schiltkamp Gallery One of a Kind Opening 10-10-19

One of a Kind – October 7th – November 9th 2019
13 Artists Selected by 13 Curators

Gallery Class Art Lab Nov 6 2019

Gallery class in the Art Lab

Worcester, MA. Cheryle St. Onge Lecture Studio Art Clark U. 11-13-19

Cheryle St. Onge Visiting Artist Lecture

Studio Art, artist in residence Don Hartmann 11-20-19

Artist in residence Don Hartmann drawing

Worcester, MA. Lou Jones Jean Borgatti Bil Gardiner Gallery Culture and Practice Class Clark U 10-23-19

Photographer Lou Jones visited Studio Art students to lecture about his panAFRICA program

Exhibition Dates:  March 14 – April 17
Gallery Talks / Reception: Wednesday, March 20, 4-6:00

Juried and invitational group show conceived, organized, and curated by students in ARTS 296 Gallery Culture & Practice.

illustration of drawingExhibition Dates: January 24 – February 27
Artist Talk: Thursday, February 7, 12-1:00 TC 100
Gallery Reception: February 7, 4-5:30

Mexican born painter, Alfredo Gisholt, presents his large, gestural abstract paintings.

In this solo show, as well as smaller studies from the “Night Studio” series.

Alfredo Gisholt describes himself as a “studio painter”, meaning this is where he does his work, but the studio is also what he paints. The accumulated artifacts from his native Mexico, small religious icons, skulls, books, the plants that line his studio windows, and of course the utilitarian tools of his trade – palettes, brushes, paint itself, and the ubiquitous trash can.  But “the studio” is also a metaphorical space.  It is the space for creative thought, the arena for action, the container for contemplation, and the chamber for wrestling with demons.  Alfredo Gisholt begins each session in the studio by making a sketch from direct observation in small notebooks.  This daily devotion then generates enormous, muscular, and expressive paintings that let go of the more literally representational aspects of the drawings and reach boldly into that metaphorical space of the mind.  In so doing, he also confronts the tumult, exuberance, danger, complexity and wonder of the larger world beyond the studio walls.

artist table with paints

Gisholt studio corner, Waltham, MA

art illustration
Image above by Xuemeng Zhang.

Exhibition dates: November 7–December 5, 2018.
Opening: Wednesday, November 7 from 4:00-5:30 p.m., Schiltkamp Gallery, Traina Center Art Lab (second floor lounge)

The final Fall 2019 open-call show, “Being,” features talented artists from the Clark community. Student curators in ARTS 296 Gallery Culture & Practice are accepting submissions in all media to be displayed in the Traina Center Art Lab.

The theme of the show is intentionally vague, inviting viewers to interpret their own understanding of what “being” means. The word can refer to physical human beings, or their emotional, mental, and spiritual states, or non-human beings, or any other interpretation of the term. The theme is meant to provoke thought in the artists and viewers while also welcoming all forms of expression into the show.

In addition to other student submissions, the show will feature 120 5×5″ wood panels. These panels have been distributed to students, faculty, and friends throughout the campus. This grid of artistic interpretations of what it means “to be” will hang together, representing the diverse and passionate community at Clark. Regardless of how you choose to interpret “being,” we can appreciate each other’s expressions of what it means “to be.”

photos of exhibit
Above: Works by Nayda Cuevas, Evan Morse, and Stephen DiRado

Exhibition dates: September 24–December 4, 2018.
Opening: Wednesday, October 10 from 4:00-6:00 p.m., Schiltkamp Gallery, Traina Center for the Arts
Gallery talks: Several artists will give gallery talks at the opening. (Additional programming will be announced).

Artists: Laura Chasman, Caleb Cole, Nayda Cuevas, Stephen DiRado, Catherine Graffam, Elizabeth Clark Libert, Evan Morse, Zoe Perry-Wood, Jane Smaldone, and Karl Stevens

From Neolithic plastered skulls to today’s phone “selfie,” images of the human head are probably the most potent, frequent, symbolic, and enduring visual artifacts we create. The portrait engages mortality, celebrates the individual, reveals social mores—and fully challenges the artist. The ten artists included in this exhibition work in a variety of media and their subjects range from intimate portraits of family members to paintings of anonymous “selfies” by others on a social media site.

April 25–May 20, 2018. The annual presentation of student senior thesis projects.
Opening reception, April 25th, 4:00 p.m.–5:30 p.m.

picture of a border wallArtist: Gregory Thielker
Exhibition Dates: November 20, 2017–February 15, 2018
Address: 92 Downing Street, Worcester, MA
Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 24, 4:00 p.m.–5:30 p.m.
Gallery Talk: Wednesday, January 24 during the reception
Artist Presentation: Thursday, January 25, 2018 12:00 p.m.–1:15 p.m.
More Information: Elli Crocker 508-793-8818 / / Gallery Director
Tina Zlody 508-793-7349 / Visual & Performing Arts Department Program and Events Coordinator

New York City based artist (and former adjunct faculty member at Clark University), Gregory Thielker, will create an interdisciplinary exhibition dealing with the topic of “The Wall” and the tensions surrounding the border territory between the United States and Mexico. The symbolism of “Wall” and the messages it conveys – even as an abstract construct – will be addressed in this installation of small paintings, a large-scale mural, and artifacts from Thielker’s travels along the border. The artist states, “The exhibit is meant to ask questions about the border and its impact on individual experience and national identity.”

Curated, installed, and organized by Professor of Studio Art, Elli Crocker, in conjunction with students in ARTS 296 Gallery Culture and Practice. Image: Gregory Thielker, Desert, 2017, watercolor on paper

water color illustrationArtists: Chris Gill, Jane Goldman, Joel Janowitz, Anne Lilly, Susan Swinand, Richard Yarde
Exhibition Dates: September 18–November 9, 2017
Address: 92 Downing Street, Worcester, MA
Opening Reception: Tuesday, October 3, 2017 5:00 p.m.–6:30 p.m.
Gallery Talk: Tuesday, October 3, 2017 4:15 p.m.–5:00 p.m. with artists Joel Janowitz and Anne Lilly
Watercolor Workshop: Wednesday, October 18, 1:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m. with artist, Susan Swinand in Traina Center Studio 200
Artist Presentation: Friday, November 3, 1:30 p.m.–3:00 p.m. with artist, Jane Goldman, of Mixit Studio / Somerville, MA in Traina Center Studio 100/101
More Information: Elli Crocker 508-793-8818 / / Gallery Director
Tina Zlody 508-793- 7349 / Visual & Performing Arts Department Events Coordinator

This exhibition showcases the work of six artists whose innovative painting in watercolor defies conventional notions about this challenging medium. Surprising in scale, subject matter and approach, these paintings offer fresh investigations into an artistic medium whose expressive power and beauty is often underestimated.

Curated, installed, and organized by Professor of Studio Art, Elli Crocker, in conjunction with students in ARTS 296 Gallery Culture and Practice. Image: Anne Lilly, Vinalhaven Tides 2, 2016, watercolor on paper, 12×16”

man sitting on bench in front of anchient buildingArtist: John Garton, Professor of Art History
Exhibition Dates: September 13–October 27, 2017
Address: 92 Downing Street, Worcester, MA
Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 13, 2017 5:30 p.m.–7:30 p.m.
Gallery Talk: TBA
More Information: Elli Crocker 508-793-8818 / / Gallery Director

Tina Zlody 508-793-7349 / Visual & Performing Arts Department Program and Events Coordinator

This exhibition features photography shot in and around Rome, Italy by Visual & Performing Arts faculty member, John Garton in 2017. Having lived in Italy and returning frequently to conduct art history research, Professor Garton offers images of time counted in millennia and in minutes. Holding the lens of the straniero, or foreigner, Garton records daily images of light, sometimes falling on Emperor Hadrian’s villa and other times on shiny Fiats, modern routines, and the rituals of conversation.

Curated, installed, and organized by Professor Garton with Professor of Studio Art, Elli Crocker, and students in ARTS 296 Gallery Culture and Practice. Image: John Garton, Different Epochs, 2017, photograph

Awkward Other Party
February, 2015

Playing With Rules: Drawing on the Spirit of Sol LeWitt
February, 2015

Mine: a solo exhibition by Torkwase Dyson
October, 2014

Art After Clark: 2014 Studio Art Alumni Exhibition
February 2014

CONstruct | conSTRUCT: The Organizing Principle
October 2013

Form + Content + Context
February 2013

Love Letters
October 2012

Kindred Spirits
September 2011

Wood Work
February 2011

Incidents and Reflections
September 2010

Alchemy: Art + Science
February 2010

September 2009

January 2009

Collaborative Studio Showcase
November 2008

Nubar Alexanian
September 2008

Curated by Greg Thielker
February 2008

Smaller is Better
A juried exhibition of small works
November 2007

Curated by Kirk Jalbert
September 2007

Admissions: Free

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