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From corporate finance to cryptocurrencies

Join a strong finance job market growing in positions and salaries with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Whether you plan to pursue a career related to investing or trading, corporate finance, or simply want to expand your business finance understanding to complement your current program, you’ll master key financial skills within a collaborative, supportive environment.

Today’s financial industry requires rigorous and specific training in addition to general management, economics and mathematics skills. Our program will expose you to investment analytics, capital markets, corporate finance, and emerging topics such as financial derivatives, cryptocurrencies, and green investing. You’ll be well prepared for a highly competitive industry as a socially responsible financial manager, investment banking analyst, or advisor, among other positions, in both private and public sectors.

Why Study Finance at Clark?

  • Join a community of students and scholars in Clark’s School of Management, a business school regularly named by Princeton Review as one of the best in America, and which also is among the less than 5 percent of the world’s business schools to receive AACSB accreditation.
  • Gain a strong foundation in basic quantitative skills, moving into more analytical approaches to finance.
  • Learn from distinguished faculty who have extensive experience in senior positions at leading investment firms, as well as those who research timely finance topics, including sustainability and climate-risk investing.
  • Connect classroom learning with community businesses and organizations through hands-on projects that let you make a real impact on important initiatives.
  • Have the chance to be part of the student-run Clark University Investment and Trading Society, one of our most active student clubs.

The Finance Path

Clark’s finance curriculum will equip you with a competitive edge in your career. As a finance major, you’ll become well-versed in a variety of areas, including market landscape analysis, due diligence (financial, legal, business), comparative analysis, and more.

You’ll also be exposed to basic management and business functions, including accounting, information systems, and marketing. All the while, you’ll be part of Clark’s liberal arts mission to help students gain the critical thinking and communication skills that are vital to the success of today’s finance professionals.

The finance major requires 12 units of courses, including seven business core courses, one capstone course, three finance required courses, and one elective course.