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The first step toward changing the world is immersing yourself in it. At Clark, you learn both in the classroom and in practical settings — learning, acting, and learning some more.

Clark is a national leader in cultivating an educational environment characterized by collaboration, creativity, and intellectual daring. We work in the world to bring about real, transformative global change.

Learning at Clark reflects our knowledge of the enduring value of a liberal arts education. By connecting exceptional faculty members with bright students through collaborative work in the classroom, laboratory, and community, Clark has created a uniquely interconnected, interactive, and interdisciplinary culture. Our students learn from — and alongside — community leaders, professional practitioners, and influential thinkers, all of whom drive positive change at home and abroad. We break down the silos that exist between academia and society, and link our students’ learning to the profound changes taking place in the world today.

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Reshaping Higher Education

Pioneering Ideas

We don’t shy away from the complex, the challenging, or the controversial. Instead, we engage with important issues that shape national dialogues. We develop new ideas and solutions that lead to a more just and prosperous future. This approach is exemplified in LEEP (Liberal Education and Effective Practice), which combines the liberal arts with experiential opportunities.

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Taking an Active Role

Immersive Education

A Clark education begins in the classroom, but it doesn’t stay there. We show students that they have the power to effect positive change in the world — and that their connections to others drive this change. This ethos permeates our graduate and undergraduate curriculum and powers our approach to research, where hands-on discovery transforms into world-changing impact.

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Advancing Knowledge

Impactful Research

Our faculty, students, and alumni conduct research that opens new avenues of thought, improves lives, and informs the way people understand our world — and one another. We seek opportunities to learn “with” rather than learn “from,” and pursue innovative projects that transcend disciplinary boundaries, resulting in research that makes a difference.

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Part of a Greater Whole

Connected Community

Clark creates an environment where alumni, faculty, students, and community and business leaders come together around causes that matter to them — channeling their passions into action. On and off campus, we form partnerships of mutual respect and shared responsibility, reinforcing our students’ understanding that true learning extends far beyond the classroom.