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Mathematics and computer science students and faculty have access to 24 state-of-the-art computers running Linux and Windows; the Computer Science Department and its student systems administrators manage the Linux partition. Computer science students also use the lab to obtain teaching assistant (TA) hours and to participate in group projects.

In addition to the computer science laboratory, many mathematics and computer science majors work in the department’s research laboratory on projects in mathematical and computational biology. The research laboratory contains two iMac computers, one PC computer running Windows, and an LED screen for projecting images/presentations from these machines or personal laptop computers. The laboratory’s computers are linked by Ethernet to the general-purpose University computers and the University’s high-powered computing cluster.

Faculty Research Laboratories

Faculty research laboratories in mathematics and computer science are listed below, with interdisciplinary research in biology denoted as B, and mathematical biology and bioinformatics as MBB.

Principal Investigator Labs and Facilities
Jacqueline Dresch (B, MBB) Dresch Lab: Data analysis, image processing, evolutionary algorithms, and bioinformatics
John Magee (MBB) Computer vision, human-computer interaction