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How to Successfully build a Collegiate Esports Program Academics, Varsity, & Club

March 22, 2024 - March 23, 2024 Eastern Time
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Esports has permeated culture and is a now a must across Collegiate campuses.  Come and hear from top Academic and Varsity leaders on how to Create and Grow an Esports Ecosystem on your campus.

Meet experts in the industry and leaders in esports and learn how to navigate the collegiate esports environment.

The conference is open to the Clark community and the public and is expected to draw collegiate organizations, corporate professionals, sponsors, and leagues from throughout the United States.

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Tentative themes/panels, final schedule is to be determined

  1. How to Build a Successful Collegiate Esports Ecosystem (Academics to Competitive)
  2. Building Synergies with Leagues
  3. Tying Academics to Varsity/Club/Casual Esports
  4. Finances and Esports – Deep Dive with Doc
  5. Student Panel – Nuts and Bolts of Esports
  6. Building Successful Esports Facilities
  7. It takes a Village – Admissions, Athletics, and Beyond