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From the day you enroll at Clark until the day you graduate, you’ll benefit from an exceptional degree of mentorship, guidance, and support.

Our advising and support services include a broad range of people, programs, and resources to help you thrive during your time here — and prepare for the future. Your support team will help you explore every facet of who you are, chart your ideal academic and career journey, and build the skills and knowledge to achieve your most ambitious goals.

Faculty Advising

Faculty advising starts with your pre-major faculty adviser, who provides guidance until you declare a major. Once you declare a major, your faculty advising will shift to a major faculty adviser, who can provide in-depth insight and help you design an educational program relevant to your future career.

Some of the key decisions you will make with the help of your faculty adviser include:

  • Choosing courses both to meet Clark’s academic requirements and to support your intellectual growth
  • Clarifying which academic and career pathways best fit your interests and abilities
  • Determining what you will do after Clark, be it graduate school or a career path

LEEP Center Advising

You also will receive advising support from our award-winning LEEP Center. While your faculty adviser is focused on helping shape your academic career, your LEEP Center adviser is focused primarily on helping you determine your personal and professional path. Your LEEP Center adviser will help you explore your interests and offer the guidance you need to discover who you are, what you love to do, the ways you excel, and where you want to go after Clark.

During your time at Clark, you’ll consult your LEEP Center adviser about:

  • Engaging in courses, projects, and other learning opportunities that align with — and allow you to refine — your personal and professional aspirations
  • Examining post-graduate opportunities, including careers and graduate programs
  • Designing your ideal mix of on- and off-campus experiences, including internships, service learning, and study abroad
  • Connecting to the people who will help you navigate Clark and launch successfully into the world — including faculty, alumni, and industry leaders in your field

Pre-professional Advising

We offer a range of pre-professional advising to support students who are pre-med, pre-law, and pre-engineering. Pre-professional advisers will help ensure that your education is structured so you can achieve your future professional goals. Pre-professional advising is coordinated in our Academic Advising Center.

Additional Support Services

In addition to LEEP Center advising, the LEEP Center brings together a number of key areas of student support, including study abroad and career services. Through one-to-one guidance, group workshops, and targeted outreach, the LEEP Center allows you to take full advantage of Clark’s range of learning opportunities. The LEEP Center also offers the support you need to launch into a great job or graduate program.

With LEEP Center assistance, you can:

  • Live your values through Community Engagement
  • Brainstorm and plan for a consequential LEEP Project
  • Gain on-campus work experience through Student Employment
  • Determine where and how long to Study Abroad
  • Learn to write more clearly, eloquently, and persuasively with help from The Writing Center
  • Explore your future possibilities, learn how to market yourself, and connect to potential employers with award-winning Career Services

The Academic Advising Center can assist you with a variety of academic needs and concerns, including:

  • Course registration for all incoming students
  • Advice on improving academic performance
  • Help conveying special needs and necessary accommodations to professors
  • Information about petitioning the College Board for exceptions to academic policies
  • Assessment of your eligibility for admission into Clark’s Accelerated B.A./Master’s Degree Program

The Dean of Students office can help address any concerns you may have, whether personal or academic. Student Affairs staff members are prepared to help you with physical and mental health services, residential life, leadership opportunities, emergency loans, student records, leaves of absence, course withdrawals, matters concerning your University status, and more.

The Office of Multicultural and First Generation Student Support offers study groups, peer mentoring, advising, and more to first-generation college students and students who identify as African-American, Latino/a, Asian-American, Native-American, or multiracial.

Clark University is committed to providing equal access to students with disabilities who are otherwise able to function effectively in a rigorous, campus-based, liberal-arts environment. Although Clark does not offer a specialized program for students with disabilities, the University does provide support for students with documented disabilities who register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS). SAS staff works with students to coordinate academic and residential accommodations, as well as other services on campus.

Whether you seek advice on applying for a prestigious scholarship or are experiencing academic difficulties, the Office for Academic Success can help. We can work with you, one-on-one, to make a plan — and help you stick to it.

We provide:

  • Guidance to students interested in applying to prestigious scholarships and fellowships
  • Quantitative Skills tutors for students taking math and statistics classes
  • Peer Success Advisers for general academic concerns in areas such as time management, study skills, note-taking, and active learning
  • Advice to LEEP Presidential Scholars on how best to achieve the LEEP Learning Outcomes
  • Management of the academic probation system for students experiencing academic difficulties
  • Assistance for students seeking to improve their performance and optimize their learning

Through formalized peer-to-peer advising in various student support and academic departments on campus, students share their expertise in various subjects to assist other students.