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The Office for Identity, Student Engagement, and Access (ISEA) enhances access to community and resources for students to ensure they know they belong and can thrive during their time at Clark.  Our team empowers students holistically by cultivating social and cultural capital and resources to communities that have been systematically and historically underserved. Our space seeks to honor the advocacy, activism, and legacy of the students, staff, and faculty who have come before us, making this space and community possible. Through intentional mentoring, identity-centered experiences, and spaces that build community, we advocate for and empower students to find their voice and provide support to actualize their potential.

ISEA currently supports students who identify as:

  • Students of African American/Black, Latine/Latinx, Asian/Desi-American, Pacific Islander, Native/Indigenous, and Multiracial descent
  • Students in the LGBTQIA+ community, exploring their identity as it relates to gender and sexuality, and larger gender diverse population
  • First-generation college students*
  • Student populations who may need support and new resourced initiatives may expand over time.

*At Clark University, first-generation is defined as an individual whose parents/guardians did not complete a 4-year degree. This does not include siblings.

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Identity, Student Engagement, and Access

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