Undergraduate Admissions

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Apply: Our Admissions Process

As you think about whether Clark is right for you, it will help to understand what Clark's Admissions Committee is looking for when they read your application. We want to work with you to find out if Clark is a place where you can thrive over the next four years—so we strive to make our admissions process transparent. If you have questions about Clark during your application process, we strongly encourage you to contact our Admissions Office at admissions@clarku.edu or 1-800-GO CLARK (462-5275).

Characteristics of a Strong Prospective Student for Clark

Clark is looking for individuals who can champion new ideas, accept differences and successfully become part of our growing community. Our Admissions Committee wants to form a complete and holistic picture of you. The committee considers:

Academic commitment. Clarkies care deeply about their studies, and the Clark experience is so much more than just learning in a traditional classroom. It also encompasses hands-on research, fieldwork and study abroad experiences. To be able to take advantage of the myriad academic opportunities at Clark—both inside and outside the classroom—you should have a strong A/B average. If you have shown a steady improvement in your grades from early in your high school career to your senior year, you are also an ideal candidate. In fact, you could be among some of the most successful students at Clark.

Course load. As an indication of your academic commitment and preparedness for college-level academics, the committee recommends the following secondary school course load:

  • A strong senior year course load (at least four, preferably five, solid academic courses).
  • At least four or five academic courses all four years of high school. While valuing and understanding the diversity and differences in some high school curricula, we want to make sure you have taken:
    • Four years of English
    • Three years of mathematics
    • Three years of science
    • Two years of social science
    • Two years of a foreign language
    • Other credit electives (including the arts) recognized in the curriculum

The whole person. We look at more than grades and scores on a sheet of paper. The committee reviews recommendations, essays, extracurricular activities and high school course selection, in addition to grades and exam scores.

Social commitment. Clarkies are accepting of new ideas and differences and concerned about their local and global communities. We want to know how you can contribute. If you are interested in making a difference in the community or beyond, tell us. Clark is especially committed to the Main South community in which it is located, and many courses integrate "active" and "service-learning" experiences with the community.


There are different application requirements and forms depending on who you are. Please find the information that applies to you—for example, if you are a U.S. resident applying regular decision you may have different application materials from someone who is applying as a U.S. transfer student, a U.S. early action student, an international student, an international early action student, or an international transfer student. The Admissions Office may contact you to request further information in order to complete your application.

Once you have started your application, we will send you an email with information about how to log in to our applicant portal, where you will be able to check on the status of your materials, see what is missing and receive updates about your application. It is your responsibility to verify that we have received all of the elements needed to complete your application by the deadline. If you are concerned your application may be incomplete, or if you are confused about these requirements, please email or call us at (800) 462-5275.