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Fall 2021 Colloquium Speaker Series – Sofia Zaragocin Carvajal

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A hemispheric approach to decolonial feminist geography. There is a clear link made between the Americas and the Hemispheric from activists and scholars working on decolonial feminist and antiracist perspectives. […]

James Wescoat

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James Wescoat Aga Khan Professor, Department of Architecture, MIT Rural Drinking Water Planning in Maharashtra, India—An Important Chapter in Panchayati Raj Reforms Rural drinking water planning remains a small field of research notwithstanding the severe deficiencies faced by almost one billion people.  There are many challenges, including fragmentation by levels and sectors of governance (e.g., […]

Brian King

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Brian King Department of Geography, Pennsylvania State University Infectious Addictions: Geographies of Colliding Epidemics  The U.S. opioid epidemic and COVID-19 pandemic are two of the most pressing societal challenges of […]

Aaron Grade

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Aaron Grade The George Perkins Marsh Institute, Clark University Fear, Parental Behavior, and Community Structure of Wildlife in Residential Lands In an urbanizing world, residential lands provide an opportunity for […]

Meha Jain

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Meha Jain School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Michigan Joint Colloquium with The George Perkins Marsh Institute Adapting to Global Environmental Change: How Can We Ensure Food Security in […]

Lucy Hutyra

via Zoom

Lucy Hutyra Department of Earth and Environment, Boston University Impacts of Urbanization & Landscape Fragmentation on the Carbon Cycle Forest fragmentation is ubiquitous across urban and rural areas. While there is mounting evidence that forest fragmentation alters the terrestrial carbon cycle, the extent to which differences in ambient growing conditions between urban and rural landscapes […]