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April 15 – May 29 Student Art Exhibition: SketchPants at Home, Six Weeks of Creative Practice

May 29, 2021 Eastern Time
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Student Art Exhibition: SketchPants at Home, Six Weeks of Creative Practice

15 April 2021 – 29 May 2021, Goddard Library Archives Rare Books Room, 1st Floor Off of the Academic Commons, Behind Escort Desk, Monday-Friday 10am-4pm

Goddard Library is delighted to host an exhibition of student art work created during Intersession 2021 in Instructor Jan Johnson’s ARTS 104: Creative Diet, a Six-Week Challenge. The Exhibition is a rotating show of original sketchbooks to view as well as facsimiles to touch, on view in the Archives Rare Books Room right off the Academic Commons, behind the Escort Desk, on the 1st floor of Goddard Library now through the end of the semester.

Please note: Only six people are allowed in the Rare Books Room at a time due to social distancing. All who wish to touch the facsimiles must wash or sanitize hands both before and after visiting.

Artists: Zac Caspersen, Rosie Cohen, Jess Cushman, Grace DiCicco, Gaby DiPinto, Jori Dudzikowski, Madison Jenkins, Erin Lally, Bella Liss, Julia Marotto, Cassie Mayer, Maire O’Donnell, AJ Simmons, Ksenia Smart, Emma Theisen, Eva Tsimboukis.

Exhibition Statement:

These were not normal times., but every day or nearly every day we got up, and checked our mail, saw what was a new prompt for creativity, met to discuss over Zoom, looked at our own work from the day before and that of those around us on the screen, maybe looked at some other artists works, ate bagels or oatmeal, talked a bit, watched our pets walk across the little boxes on our screen, and then got to work as forthrightly as we could.  Every day, every day, every day in our sketchbooks accounting what we saw, what we remembered, who we saw, who we wanted to see, what we had and have, what we want, what we like and don’t like, where we are or want to be, what normal is and was, and what we hope and try to make sense of.

Created remotely outside of a “normal” drawing class, these sketchbooks are a six-weeks focus from winter intercession 2020.  Given the confines of a sketchbook and an art kit of materials, these works were draw, painted, collaged, cut and stitched based on thematic stimuli on a near daily basis.  As any creative practice does, this exploration came with sets of questions along with restrictions, contingencies and play with materials.  Within the pages, one’s work opened up and content arose out of process.  Resource imagery from contemporary artists, quotidian news media and often ubiquitous and extraordinary streams informed the work, as well as getting out for walks and close views of our environments.

Our goals were to expand the borders of a sketchbook, fill as much as possible with our responses and build a creative practice.   Get your sketchpants on and let’s go!



May 29, 2021