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Professor David Cuberes and the Impact of Horse Adoption on Native American Nations

January 19, 2024 @
12:00 p.m.
- 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time
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Goddard Library Works-in-Progress Series

David Cuberes, Clark professor of economics, will discuss his research-in-progress entitled, “The Impact of Horse Adoption on Native American Nations.” This event will be in an interview format, and questions from the audience are encouraged.

Project Introduction:

“Throughout the United States and the Americas more broadly, Indigenous peoples and nations have worse socioeconomic outcomes than non-Indigenous communities (Akee et al. 2019, Feir et al. 2022). This has been linked to a variety of institutional features (e.g. forced coexistence) and resource depletion (e.g. the extermination of the bison). The path of Indigenous nations and their economies was heavily shaped by the rapid spread of European diseases after colonization and the speed and extent of recovery likely shaped their interactions with European colonizers. In this work, we seek to understand how a potentially mitigating factor may have shifted the economic and demographic recovery of these nations. In particular, we consider the diffusion of the horse across
North America after the re-introduction of the animal by Spanish colonists. Starting in the late 16th century through to the late 18th century, the horse spread across the central and western parts of the United States, transforming Indigenous economies and armies.” (D Cuberes, R Gillezeau, M Kumagai, and S Mansoor 2023)

The Goddard Library Works-in-Progress Series provides opportunities for Clark researchers, creatives, and educators to share their work in an informal and conversational environment targeted at an audience of curious non-experts. This event is open to all.

This is an in-person event and light refreshments will be served. This event will not be recorded.



January 19, 2024
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.


Goddard Library