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Capturing and Eroding the Self: From Self – Portraiture to the Selfie

April 4, 2018 @
4:30 p.m.
Eastern Time
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capturing selfie
D.Q. Slotkins, Selfie of a Young Man in Red by Circle of Raphael, c. 1505/2017

The selfie is everywhere, but in some ways, it is nothing new. Self-portraiture—for critical examination, personal expression, public display, and demonstration of craft—has a long history, but in its current digital form does it expand or shrink one’s perception of self? What is the purpose of a selfie, and is there still an art to making one? In this talk, John Garton (Visual and Performing Arts) will examine how the tradition pioneered in the Renaissance and other early modern epochs is being renovated today. Esteban Cardemil (Psychology) will offer commentary.

This event is part of the Roots of Everything, a lecture series sponsored by Early Modernists Unite (EMU)—a faculty collaborative bringing together scholars of medieval and early modern Europe and America—in conjunction with the Higgins School of Humanities. The series highlights various aspects of modern existence originating in the early modern world by connecting past and present knowledge. It is co-sponsored by Early Modernists Unite, the Higgins School of Humanities, and the Departments of History, Psychology, and Visual and Performing Arts at Clark University.


April 4, 2018
4:30 p.m.