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Our faculty are not only accomplished scholars, but also prolific and award-winning authors and creators. Each year, faculty publish books on topics ranging from U.S. politics and international relations, to history and literature, to psychology and health. Our faculty in the visual and performing arts produce works of music, theatre, art, and film that premier on stage, on screen, and in exhibitions throughout New England, New York, and beyond.

Recent Awards for Books and Creative Works

New England History

Janette Greenwood

Historic New England Book Prize: “Rediscovering an American Community of Color”

Latino Politics

Heather Silber Mohamed

Best Book in Latino Politics: “The New Americans”


Stephen DiRado

Bob and Diane Fund Grant for visual storytellers: “With Dad” Photo Series

Books and Publications

Butler explores the truth behind security threats

When is the danger real, and when is it a political tool?

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Passionate about research, Sharma SURJ-es ahead

Editor puts his stamp on journal’s look, breadth, and readership

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Political scientist publishes ‘Insurgent Women’

Book examines women’s roles in combat in Ukraine, Middle East, Colombia

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