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night shot of the city of Worcester

The Worcester Renaissance

Fueled by a $500 million downtown development project and its bustling Canal District, Worcester is experiencing an economic and physical transformation. New retail, restaurants, and residential spaces have invigorated the city and its residents.

What else can we tell you about Worcester, the second-largest city in New England? Here goes:

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  • Worcester is a hub, then and now: Once a manufacturing giant, the city has evolved into a hub for biotech, higher education, health care, and the arts.
  • Worcester is a college town: The city is home to 11 colleges and universities.
  • Worcester is diverse: It includes tightly knit neighborhoods, with a broad mix of immigrants dating back to the Yankee settlers and continuing with the arrival of Armenian, Irish, French-Canadian, Vietnamese, Brazilian, Dominican, Ghanaian, and many other groups.
  • Worcester finds a partner in Clark University: Many Clark faculty and students engage with Worcester as partners on projects involving urban development, land preservation, and literacy education.
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At the center of it all


Worcester’s proximity to Boston, Providence, even New York — and their opportunities for entertainment, internships, and careers — is one of its greatest assets.

Discover Central Massachusetts

How Do You Pronounce ‘Worcester’?

Named for a city in England, Worcester was incorporated in 1722. People have been mispronouncing it ever since. Learn how people pronounce “Worcester” nowadays. Students, faculty, and staff demonstrate.

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Worcester Living

What do you want to know about the city where you’ll spend your college years? How about where to eat, what to see, and how to have the most fun.