At Clark, we believe that humanistic inquiries and practices are crucial to our development as intellectually curious, socially engaged, and ethically-oriented beings. Learning through the humanities and arts grounds our capacity to engage with societal complexities — by developing historical, cultural, literary, linguistic, and philosophical consciousness, and encouraging empathic and aesthetic ways of knowing.



Upcoming Events

ONGOING: Across the Table

An Exhibition by Stephen DiRado

Higgins Lounge, Dana Commons 2nd Floor

Sleep Dealer

A Screening and Conversation with Alex Rivera
Thursday, October 15 @ 7:30pm

Razzo Hall, Traina Center for the Arts

An Extension of Self: The Present and Future of Wearable Computing
A lecture by Thad Starner

Thursday, October 22 @ 7pm

Higgins Lounge, Dana Commons 2nd Floor

In Conversation with Janet Mock

Thursday, October 27 @ 7pm
Jefferson Academic Center, Room 320

Not Quite Human: Stories of Monsters, Demons, and the Supernatural

Readings by Gino DiIorio, Jay Elliott, and Jennifer Plante

Wednesday, October 28 @ 7pm

Higgins Lounge, Dana Commons 2nd Floor

When Public Power Ceased to be Private Property

A lecture by Rafe Blaufarb

Tuesday, November 3 @ 4:30pm

Higgins Lounge, Dana Commons 2nd Floor

The Cultural Work of Science Fiction

A Symposium on Translation, Negotiation, Appropriation with Ken Liu and Jeffrey A. Tucker

Friday, November 6 @ 3-5:30pm

Higgins Lounge, Dana Commons 2nd Floor

Death and the Spectacle of the Anatomized Woman

A lecture by Joanna Ebenstein

Tuesday, November 10 @ 7pm

Higgins Lounge, Dana Commons 2nd Floor

Complete Fall 2015 Calendar of Events [PDF]