Higgins School of Humanities

At Clark, we believe that humanistic inquiries and practices are crucial to our development as intellectually curious, socially engaged, and ethically-oriented beings. Learning through the humanities and arts grounds our capacity to engage with societal complexities — by developing historical, cultural, literary, linguistic, and philosophical consciousness, and encouraging empathic and aesthetic ways of knowing.


Upcoming Events

Stories for Hot Weather: In Between Impossible and Easy, Between Despair and Denial

A talk by Rebecca Solnit

Thursday, September 18 @ 7:30pm

Jefferson Academic Center, Room 320

Two Women Talking: Restor(y)ing Culture, Gender, Sexuality and Tradition

A conversation between Benaifer Bhadha and Monsoon Bissell

Thursday, October 2 @ 7pm

Higgins Lounge at Dana Commons

Narrating Race

A community conversation facilitated by Betsy Huang

Tuesday, October 7 @ 7pm

Higgins Lounge at Dana Commons

What Do You See?

An artist talk and opening reception with Wing Young Huie

Wednesday, October 15 @ 7pm

Higgins Lounge at Dana Commons

The exhibition will be on display from October 15 through December 17.

Caregiving as Moral Experience

A talk by Arthur Kleinman

Monday, October 20 @ 7pm

Higgins Lounge at Dana Commons

In the Workshop of the Mind: The Hidden Helpers of Early Modern Authors and Scholars

A talk by Ann Blair

Wednesday, October 22 @ 4:30pm

Higgins Lounge at Dana Commons

Poetry and History

An Evening with Natasha Trethewey

Tuesday, November 4 @ 7pm

Atwood Hall

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