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Graduate student seeks to unfold mysteries of Alzheimer’s and diabetes

Alzheimer’s disease and Type 2 diabetes affect 30 million Americans, and they share a common trait: the presence of “misfolded” proteins that aggregate and form amyloids. Valerie Ivancic, a doctoral candidate in biochemistry, is committed to combating these terrible illnesses at a molecular level. “I aspire to be a part of the solution for diseases that have such catastrophic consequences,” she says.

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“All of this is in line with where I am in my life and my journey.”

Daysha Williams ’17, theatre arts major, who earned a part in Spike Lee’s upcoming Netflix series



“There are a lot of opportunities in this research to improve people’s lives. That’s my main motivation.”

John Magee, assistant professor of computer science, with student researcher Rafael Zuniga ’18



“I find that I learn best by doing, and Clark has been full of opportunities for action.”

Despoina Lioliou ’17, psychology major, who aspires to reshape the Greek education system


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