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Healthy Campus

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Healthy Campus 2020 is a national movement to create healthier campuses. The initiative provides a framework to tackle students’ health impediments to academic performance such as stress, anxiety, and illness, and offers a strategy for improving the well-being of faculty and staff in areas including, but not limited to, nutrition, physical activity/fitness, mental health help, and stress management.

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Improving overall health

Clark University was the first school in Massachusetts to become a Healthy campus through the help of Clark University Raid Response. Through this initiative, we aim to help students with any health issues through providing information and services regarding their health.

Faculty, staff and students all are invested in helping Clark students with their health. Below you will find information about various services and clubs that offer students opportunities to improve their health and well-being.

Mental Health

Did you know that 80% of students feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities? Would you know where and when to seek help? We take the wellness of our students’ mental health seriously and offer many services towards achieving their wellness.

The Center for Counseling and Personal Growth is Clark’s main resource for mental health support. CPG provides counseling free of charge and can help students with issues such as college adjustment, anxiety and depression, and substance abuse. CPG offers services including individual counseling sessions, group counseling sessions, and referral to external psychiatric services.

The Goddard Library Reserve Desk has a number of “Happylight Energy Lamps”, or light-therapy lamps. These lamps have the potential to help combat the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)/seasonal depression, increase focus and alertness, and improve your energy. With the ability to rent them for an hour at a time, they are readily available, easy for students to access, and free of charge with your student I.D.

Note: These lamps do not replace doctor-prescribed medication and should not be treated as a replacement. They are a supplement to other actions being taken to help combat mood and energy changes caused by seasonal weather.

Contact Information:
Location: Goddard Library Reserve Desk, Second Floor of the Goddard Library
Phone: (508) 793-7711

A growing body of research is showing a robust association between the practice of meditation and better mental and physical well-being. Beyond those practical effects, the ancient practice of Zen meditation provides a tried-and-true gateway to a direct and intimate experience of what it truly means to be alive and awake in a world of both bone-deep suffering and incredible beauty. If you’ve ever been interested, please do join us and taste for yourself what Zen practice might have to offer you in your life.

This session will be led by Professor James Cordova, Chair of the Clark University Psychology Department and one of the guiding teachers of Boundless Way Zen.

Loose, comfortable attire is recommended. Yoga mats are available, but feel free to bring whatever you will be comfortable sitting, kneeling, or laying on. Sessions will include a guided introduction to meditation, sitting practice, walking meditation, a brief dharma talk, and an opportunity for dialogue about practice.

Contact Information:
James V. Cordova, PhD
Professor of Psychology
Chair, Department of Psychology
Clark University

Healthy Lifestyle

Here at Clark, we are helping students stay healthy, so they may pursue their academic, personal, and athletic goals by making informed choices through a variety of health services and student-run clubs.

Choices is a student-run club at Clark University that focuses on providing students with a resource for useful and pertinent information about sexual health and pleasure. Choices offers a wide variety of services to the student body, including the sale of condoms, dental dams, pregnancy tests, lube, and a variety of sex toys. We also have an array of educational books about sexual health and sexuality. Each of our educators is trained to answer questions about sexual health, and if they are unsure of an answer, they are aware of which resources to guide the student to. Choices also hosts a variety of events and workshops throughout the school year. These are focused around sexual health, pleasure, and identity. Choices often collaborates with outside resources, like the Center for Sexual Health and Pleasure, as well as clubs within Clark, like OPEN. We at Choices are excited to work with other health-focused student-run organizations to transform Clark into a healthy campus.

Contact Information
Location: Third Floor of the Higgins University Center

Clark University Health Services is an on-campus health clinic that provides outpatient care to the Clark community. Services provided include the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, contraceptive and STD services, immunizations, and referral to off-campus specialists. Health services are required by law to maintain a student’s privacy, their parents may only find out

Contact Information:
Location: 501 Park Avenue
Phone: (508) 793-7467

*Includes information about health topics and transportation options for off-campus appointments.


Campus security and safety are imperative to our students and campus community. From our highly trained Massachusetts State Police certified officers to our rapid response student-run squad, we continuously strive to provide a safe environment.

Clark University Rapid Response is a student-run squad that is available 24/7 to assist with medical emergencies. All responders are volunteer certified first responders or emergency medical technicians who are capable of assessing and treating minor injuries, illnesses, and mental health issues. If you require additional care, CURR members can connect you with Health Services, counseling services, or off-campus emergency medical services. There is no cost for requesting CURR.

Note: The CURR squad does not carry medication.

The Clark University Police Department (CUPD) is staffed by a team of professional, fully-trained law enforcement officers and dispatchers who are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the campus. Officers are trained to handle a wide variety of situations, including crisis and sexual assault intervention, victim awareness, and more. In addition to being certified as Massachusetts State Special Police, UP officers are also emergency first aid responders and carry Narcan, a drug that can reverse opioid overdoses. CUPD is available 24/7.

Contact Information
Location: Bullock Hall basement
Phone: (508) 793-7575

Note: Clark has a medical amnesty policy (p. 25).

Contact Information

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