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Our Mission Statement

The Office of Residential Life and Housing collaborates with Clarkies and campus partners to create a student-focused residential community that is inclusive, equitable, and safe.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The Office of Residential Life and Housing (RLH) promotes an inclusive, diverse, and equitable community in the residence halls.  We believe that the individual experiences of our students contribute tremendously to both our campus culture and how we operate as an office.  RLH creates and supports spaces for conversations centered on identity development, social justice, and power and privilege.  We understand that this work is dynamic and always evolving.  RLH is committed to improving and growing our own knowledge, and sharing that knowledge with our students.

Residential Campus

At Clark, we have a Residency Requirement that requires all undergraduate students to live on campus for their first four semesters at Clark. This policy helps to ensure that students get accustomed to life at Clark during their transition into independence. If you have specific questions about our Residency Requirement, please feel free to contact us.

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Residential Life and Housing

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