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Summer Housing

On-campus housing is typically available for both undergraduate and graduate students who will be taking courses, conducting research, or engaging in other academically related programs during the summer. The number and types of residence halls and houses available each summer depend on numerous factors; you can inquire about the residence halls and houses available for summer use by contacting the RLH Office. If you have a spring housing assignment, you may be able to transition directly from semester housing to summer housing and vice-versa with no gaps in between.

Late Stay

Students looking to transition from semester housing to summer housing with no gaps in between will need to apply for Late Stay housing. Requests are due to Residential Life & Housing via this form by Friday, May 6, 2022 at 11:59PM.

Summer Storage

Clark University does not have the ability to store personal belongings for students during the summer. Students are able to work with off-campus vendors to store items as needed. Clark University has a relationship with Collegeboxes.

Collegeboxes, the official storage and shipping provider for Clark University, provides a seamless, affordable, and safe way for students to move out for the summer. Simply create an account on to secure your service and order supplies. Pack up your items, label, and leave them right in your room when you head home. We will provide Collegeboxes with access to your room after you have departed campus. Collegeboxes will pick up the items and store or ship them to a destination of your choice.

For the Spring 2022 semester, order by April 29th, 2022 for service.

Summer housing on campus is limited. Summer housing requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and students experiencing housing insecurity, taking in-person classes at Clark, and students working or doing research in-person will be prioritized for summer housing. We do not guarantee summer housing, so encourage students to apply early and plan accordingly.


Summer housing starts on Friday May 27, 2022 and ends on Saturday August 06, 2022.


The cost for Summer Housing is $20/night. Summer housing charges will be billed per week. The week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Should you move-out of Summer Housing mid week, you will still be charged for the full week.

                  Cost per day: $20
                  Cost per week: $140
                  Cost for full Summer Housing (May 27- August 6): $1440*
                              *Cost for full Summer Housing excludes any Spring 2022 late 
                                 stay or Fall 2022 early arrival charges.

Summer Housing undergraduate students will be assigned to rooms in Blackstone Hall. Graduate level students will be assigned to rooms in 914 Main Street.

Students will be automatically assigned to a room, and students with approved accommodations are asked to email to ensure we are meeting your needs when assigning housing.

Approval Process

Requests are due to Residential Life & Housing via this form submission by Friday, May 6, 2022 at 11:59PM. Applications will be reviewed and approved on a rolling basis. Students can expect to receive a response to their request no later than 4 business days after submitting their request.

Summer Housing Application for Residential students

Contact Information

Residential Life and Housing

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