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rlh Houses

The University offers nine houses for undergraduate residence living.  Some are structured like small residence halls and others offer apartment-style living. Clark houses are grouped into three areas, each of which is supervised by an RA. 

All the houses are co-educational and configured as students choose during the Housing Lottery. There are single and double rooms in all houses except 1 and 3 Maywood Place, and 914, and 926 Main Street, which are single rooms only. Each house has shared furnished living rooms and full kitchens, except for 157 Woodland, which does not have living rooms. Washers and dryers are available to students living in all houses. Each room is equipped with a bed and mattress (extra-long twin), desk, chair, bookshelf, built in closets and/or standing wardrobe, and window drapes or curtains for each resident. Cable and high-speed internet service (wired and wireless) are also provided.

Please note because of the nearly endless variety of room sizes and shapes in the houses, we cannot provide specific or even general room dimensions. 

Clark University students can view the floor plans for all of the RLH Houses by clicking  here.

Private bathrooms and showers are in each apartment. The number of toilets and showers depend on the number of students in a given apartment. There are no public bathrooms.

  • 1 Maywood Place
  • 3 Maywood Place
  • 112 Woodland Street (Affinity Housing)
  • 157 Woodland Street
  • 21 Maywood Street
  • 23 Maywood Street
  • 906 Main Street
  • 914 Main Street
  • 926 Main Street
  • 934 Main Street
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