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The Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology is a degree completion program offering flexibility that students need and in-demand skills that employers seek. In addition to applying a strong foundation in math and science, students will gain skills in biotechnology management, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, and data management and analytics. In effect, our program expands graduates’ opportunities to be competitive for positions in leadership and management in addition to research/lab roles.

This program is intended for students who have successfully completed a set of core science courses and provides a smooth transfer for community college students and other colleges in and out of the United States.


Students must complete 32 units of courses, up to 16 of which may be earned through transfer credits, to earn a B.S. degree. (One unit is equivalent to 4 semester credits.)

Major Requirements

  • 8 science courses with lab (to be completed prior to beginning the BS in Biotechnology program):
    • Two semesters of biology with lab
    • Two semesters of general chemistry with lab
    • One semester of microbiology, immunology, or molecular genetics
    • One semester of organic chemistry with lab
    • One semester of biochemistry with lab
    • One semester of physics with lab (either algebra-based or calculus-based)
  • MATH 1150 Statistics (to be completed prior to beginning the BS in Biotechnology program)
  • PSYC 1080 Experimental Methods
  • 7 Biotechnology Management courses
    • BIOT 1000 Introduction to Biotechnology
    • PA 1000 Introduction to Business or PA 1530 Principles of Management
    • BIOT 1100 Leadership and Management in Biotechnology
    • BIOT 1200 Business Operations Management for Biotechnology
    • BIOT 2400 Project Management in Biopharmaceutical Development
    • COMM 2100 Scientific and Technical Communications
    • PHIL 2000 Bioethical Issues in Biotechnology
  • 4 Regulatory Affairs courses
    • BIOT 2000 QA/QC: Quality by Design for Biopharmaceuticals
    • BIOT 2100 Good Clinical Practice: Exploring the Basics
    • BIOT 2200 Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) & Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Establishment for Biopharmaceuticals
    • BIOT 2300 Regulatory Affairs Process for Biopharmaceuticals
  • 4 Data Management & Analytics courses
    • CSCI 1800 Introduction to Data Analytics
    • BIOT 1300 Introduction to Bioinformatics
    • CSCI 2150 Database Management
    • CSCI 1090 Python Programming or CSCI 1100 R Programming
  • BIOT 2999 Capstone

Other Requirements

  • ENG 1000 Introduction to Composition (to be completed prior to beginning the BS in Biotechnology program)
  • ENG 1150 Intermediate Composition
  • Communication:
    • COMM 1200 Interpersonal Communication or
    • COMM 1210 Effective Speaking & Presenting or
    • COMM 2360 Negotiation, Mediation & Conflict Management
    • BIOT 2940 Internship or elective
  • General electives

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of the Biotechnology program, graduates should be able to:

  1. Apply a strong math and science foundation that is critical to meet the demands of the diverse biopharmaceutical industry.
  2. Assist in leading and managing a biopharmaceutical development project.
  3. Be prepared to enter various regulatory paths in the biopharmaceutical industry with knowledge in QA/QC, GCP, GLP, GMP, and regulatory affairs.
  4. Create tools to analyze data that are essential for decision-making in biopharmaceutical development.
  5. Collaborate in team projects, contribute individually, and communicate effectively within their organization with character and integrity.
  6. Be prepared to enter graduate school in related disciplines, e.g., biotechnology, regulatory affairs.

International Students

The Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology is a STEM designated program. STEM degrees are in high demand. International students who graduate with a STEM degree may be eligible to remain in the U.S. for up to 36 months on Optional Practical Training (OPT).

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