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Rapid-cycle training advances skills and business success – fast!

Clark microcredential courses allow individuals to quickly acquire new skills to advance their career and keep their organizations ahead of the competition.

Courses focus on in-demand skills, enabling working professionals to attain market-driven credentials. At the same time, organizations improve their training agility and equip their staff for a data-driven world.

For learners, microcredentials provide in-demand knowledge and skill development in a short time frame. Students can master competencies in a flexible, credentialed program that lets them balance their current professional and personal responsibilities.

For department heads, microcredential courses are a cost-effective way to develop employee skills to keep pace with industry demands and emerging practices.

Our six-week online courses are asynchronous and self-directed, with available mentor support.

Benefits for Learners

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Benefits for Companies

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Microcredentials are designed for students and working professionals across a variety of industries. Participants do not need a background in a technical field  or programming experience to be successful.

Training for today’s data-driven world

Data is everywhere in every field, and the need to analyze and manage it has never been greater. Our courses deliver timely learning outcomes through four integrated data visualization units. These acquired skills can help anyone be more effective in their current role, and be better prepared for new opportunities.

Data Analytics

Learn and apply fundamental data analytics techniques.

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Data Analytics and Visualization

Create best-practice data visualizations in Tableau.

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Data Analytics with Python

Master analytic processes using Python programming.

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Data Visualization with Python

Acquire best-practice design skills for advanced data visualizations.

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Recognized Credentials

In compliance with the Open Badge 3.0 standard, Clark badges and certificates provide a verifiable audit trail of an individual’s earned credentials, confirming the value and authenticity of their skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Earn badges for each completed course

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Upon successful completion of each Clark microcredential course, enrollees receive a digital badge for display on their social platforms. With completion of all Data Visualization courses, enrollees receive a certificate to mark their achievement.


Why choose Clark rapid-cycle training for data visualization

Clark has years of experience developing and delivering courses in data analytics for our master’s degree program. Our deep understanding of the skills employers are looking for today is integrated into the design and teaching practices of each microcredential course.

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