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Past Events

Mock Interview with Professor Basye

JC 001

Technical interviews can be challenging and perplexing, but with a little planning and preparation, even the most challenging questions can appear manageable. Participate in a mock technical interview with Computer Science Professor Kenneth Basye and learn how to tackle questions.

How to Get Academic Credit for Your Summer Internship

Undergrads, wondering how to get academic credit for an internship? This overview of the Academic Internship Program (AIP) will cover:   Deciding: When do you really need credit for your internship?  How the application process works  Summer: deadlines and tuition  Important tips for international students, DACA recipients, and undocumented students  How to find internships (brief overview) […]

Want to Intern at a B Corp.? Meet Butcherbox!

ButcherBox is recruiting Clark students for internships! Join this session to meet Clark alumna, Jane Ward, the talent acquisition specialist at ButcherBox. Learn what a benefit corporation is, get an overview of the internships available at ButcherBox, and hear why you might consider interning with this growing company in Massachusetts!   Register on Handshake now!