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Information about Interfolio

What is Interfolio?

Interfolio is an online credentials management service that is available to Clark University students and alumni. It allows individuals to create and self-manage a portfolio of their credentials, including confidential and non-confidential letters of recommendation, writing samples, and evaluations.

Interfolio is most useful for students who plan to apply to graduate school a year or more after finishing their degree at Clark and want a safe place to store recommendations in the interim. Students and alumni always have the option of asking their references to send recommendation letters directly to graduate programs. In many cases this is preferable in order to allow the recommendation to be tailored to the specific program to which the student is applying.

  • Multiple Submission Methods
    Interfolio accepts letters electronically, at their website, or on paper (by mail or fax). As a recommendation writer, it is completely up to you how you will send the letter.
  • Online storage of recommendations
    All of your recommendations are securely stored online.
  • Original document storage
    Interfolio stores the original document you upload, which you may download at any time. When you need to update a letter of recommendation, simply download your original, make changes, and re-submit it.
  • Complete security and confidentiality
    Any letters that are selected as “confidential” by the file holder are secured by numerous layers of encryption and security so your comments will remain confidential.
  • Expansive support for electronic document formats
    Interfolio accepts more than 50 types of documents for automatic conversion. Some of the major types are:

    Text File (TXT) Rich Text File (RTF)
    WordPerfect (2000 and prior versions) Microsoft Word (2000 and prior versions)
    Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML or HTM) Microsoft Excel (2000 and prior versions)
    Microsoft PowerPoint (2000 and prior versions) Images: GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF
  • Increased fraud protection
    Verification phone calls and emails are sent intermittently to crosscheck delivered letters and reduce students’ ability to create fraudulent letters.

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Interfolio maintains the confidentiality of all closed letters of recommendation stored by our file holders. Interfolio follows strict guidelines for receiving and mailing all closed letters of recommendation to ensure that the confidentiality of letters of recommendation is preserved. Confidential letters may be included in deliveries to potential schools or employers; however, the account holder may not view the letter at any point.

Letters may be sent to Interfolio in the manner with which you are most comfortable – either electronically or on paper. You may choose to submit your letters:

  1. Electronically via the Internet
  2. On paper via the postal system

You will need a free Interfolio recommendation writer account to submit letters electronically. If you do not yet have an account, go to:

Once you have a free recommendation writer account, follow these steps to add a letter:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click “Add Documents”.
  3. Type in the 6-character document identification code located on the Confidential Rights Waiver you should have received from the individual who has asked you to write a recommendation. (Please see below if you do not have this code.) This cover sheet will tell you whether or not the individual has waived or retained his/her right to view and read your letter.
  4. Verify the individual for whom you are about to upload a letter.
  5. Click the button labeled “Browse” and select the recommendation letter you have written from your computer.
  6. The letter will upload, and, in approximately 2 minutes, we will have converted it to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Please click on the converted file once it has appeared in your account to verify its accuracy. If there is a problem, please contact Interfolio customer support at so they may assist you.
  • Print your letter (please use letterhead if it is available).
  • Sign your letter.
  • Submit the recommendation cover sheet and your letter (using no staples, tape, or paper clips) to:
If by mail:
Interfolio, Inc.
Paper Processing Center
1900 L Street, NW
Suite #603
Washington, DC 20036
If by Fedex:
Interfolio, Inc.
Paper Processing Center
1900 L Street, NW
Suite #603
Washington, DC 20036

Download a Microsoft Word document that includes Clark University Letterhead here. Use this document to create your letter in Word and upload to Interfolio. Click this link and when prompted, select Save to save the letterhead file to your computer. Please note that the letterhead only lists the general Clark phone information so you’ll need to include your contact information in the letter.

Interfolio offers instructions on how to add electronic signatures using Microsoft Word:

  1. Interfolio offers Fax2Sig–a free service that will convert your signature to a image file. To utilize this service, log into your account. Click the Fax2Sig link on your dashboard, and print the unique form that is generated. You will need Adobe Acrobat 3.0 to view and print this document.
  2. Follow the steps on the form and fax it –without a coversheet– to the Interfolio Fax2Sig Processing Center at 202-318-7631. Your signature will be available for download from your dashboard within 24 hours.
  3. Log into your account and find the link on your dashboard under “Fax2Sig.” PC users right-click and Mac users option-click on “Download your electronic signature.” Choose “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”, and save the file to your desktop or elsewhere on your personal computer.
  4. Once you have your electronic signature, open the Microsoft Word Document that contains your letter of recommendation.
  5. Scroll through the document to your signature block. You will need 2-3 lines of white space between your final salutation (e.g. “Sincerely”) and your name and title.
  6. Click below your final salutation and above your name and title to place your cursor in the 2-3 lines of space.
  7. In Microsoft Word’s Menu Bar, click the following menus: “Insert” -> “Picture” -> “From File.” Do not cut and paste the image into the file, as this can result in images that will not display on other systems.
  8. Locate your scanned signature on your computer’s hard drive and click on it. Then, click the “insert” button. This will place your scanned signature in the document, at which time it will become an included element of the document: the signature will remain in your document.
  9. Save the Word document
  10. Upload your letter using the normal Interfolio procedure for uploading documents electronically

2 minutes after you’ve uploaded your letter to Interfolio, remember to look at the document to ensure that it was processed correctly.

Please email or call us with any questions and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Career Development, 1-508-793-7258,

OR you can contact Interfolio, Inc. directly by either phone or email at: Toll-free: 877-773-6546