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Researchers in the field in Alaska

Faculty members in the Graduate School of Geography disseminate their research findings in many ways, through articles in peer-reviewed journals, books, GIS software innovation, conference presentations and proceedings, and popular publications.

This page brings together books that the School’s faculty members have published since 2000, and is an indication of the creativity, breadth of interest, and productivity of our faculty.

Principal Investigator(s) Grant Title Funding Agency
Lyndon Estes WSC-Category 2 Collaborative: Impacts of Agricultural Decision Making and Adaptive Management on Food Security in Africa National Science Foundation
Lyndon Estes CNH2-L: Feedbacks between Urban Food Security and Rural Agricultural Systems National Science Foundation
Lyndon Estes Integrating crowdsourcing, in situ sensing, and space borne observation to understand the sustainability of smallholder agriculture in African wet savannas National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Lyndon Estes Hazards SEES: Understanding Cross-Scale Interactions of Trade and Food Policy to Improve Resilience to Drought Risk National Science Foundation
Karen Frey Remote sensing of river carbon fluxes to the ocean NASA Carbon Cycle Science
Deborah Martin Collaborative research: The scale of governance in the regulation of land: Community land trusts in the Twin Cities National Science Foundation
James Murphy Generative urbanization in emerging Africa? The case of Konza Techno City Member Regional Studies Association
Robert Gilmore Pontius Methods and software to understand and build the MapBiomas data. Instituto Humanize
John Rogan and Florencia Sangermano East Africa crude oil pipeline Oxfam America
John Rogan and Deborah Martin Greening the Gateway Cities Project MA Energy and Environmental Affairs
Rinku Roy Chowdhury LTER: FCE III – Coastal oligotrophic ecosystems research National Science Foundation
Rinku Roy Chowdhury Collaborative research: MSB:FRA: Alternative futures for the American Residential Macrosystem National Science Foundation
Rinku Roy Chowdhury Urban resilience to extreme climate events National Science Foundation
Christopher Williams Vegetation Decline and Recovery from the Millennium Drought in Australia: Novel Quantitative Analysis with Multi-Sensor and Higher Resolution Data National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Christopher Williams Albedo Impacts Analysis of Avoided Deforestation, Reforestation, and Increased Deciduousness The Nature Conservancy
Christopher Williams Bringing forest carbon into focus: Improved estimates of carbon benefits from avoided forest conversion in New England US Climate Alliance (Doris Duke Environment Foundation) & The Nature Conservancy
Christopher Williams Decision Support Tools for Global Assessment of Albedo Impacts on Natural Climate Solutions from Reforestation and Avoided Deforestation Bezos Earth Fund (subaward from The Nature Conservancy)

Yuko Aoyama
Professor of Geography
Associate Provost and Dean of Research

Aoyama, Yuko and Balaji Parthasarathy, 2018. “When both the state and market fail: Inclusive development in India. Area Development and Policy 3 (3): 330-348.

Cai, Yifan and Yuko Aoyama, 2018. “Fragmented Authorities, Institutional Misalignments, and Challenges to Renewable Energy Transition: A Case Study of Wind Power Curtailment in China.” Energy Research & Social Science. (July): 71-79.

Horner, Rory, Seth Schindler, Daniel Haberly, and Yuko Aoyama, 2018. “Globalization, Uneven Development and the ‘North-South’ Big Switch.” Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society  (1): 17-33

Anthony Bebbington
Professor of Geography
Higgins Professor of Environment and Society

A. Bebbington, A-G. Abdulai, D. H. Bebbington, M. Hinfelaar, and C. Sanborn. Governing Extractive Industries: Politics, Histories, Ideas. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

“Rural social movements: conflicts over the countryside.” A. Bebbington. Pp. 321-331 in J. Cupples, M. Palomino-Schalsha and M. Prieto (eds.) Routledge Handbook of Latin American Development. London and New York: Routledge.

“Socio-environmental conflict, political settlements and the governance of extractivism: a cross-border comparison, El Salvador and Honduras.” A. Bebbington, B. Fash, J. Rogan Latin American Perspectives 46(2): 84-106.

“NGOs as innovators in extractive industry governance. Insights from the EITI process in Colombia and Peru.” E. Arond, A. Bebbington, J-L. Dammert Extractive Industries and Society.

“Resource extraction and infrastructure threaten forest cover and community rights” A. Bebbington, D. Humphreys Bebbington, L. Sauls, J. Rogan and others Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (52): 13164-13173, Dec 26.

“Policy Effects of Resistance to Extractive Development in Latin America.” E. Silva, M. Akchurin and A. Bebbington, European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies Issue 106: 23-46.

“Conflicts over extractivist policy and the forest frontier in Central America.” A. Bebbington, L. Sauls, H. Rosa, B. Fash, D. Humphreys Bebbington European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies Issue 106:103-132.

“The Infrastructure-Extractives-Resource Governance Complex in the Pan-Amazon: roll backs and contestations.” D. Humphreys Bebbington, R. Verdum, C. Gamboa, A. Bebbington European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies 106:183-208.

“Disability Studies and Development Geography: Empirical Connections, Theoretical Resonances, and Future Directions” C. Jampel and A. Bebbington Geography Compass 12 (12).

“Mining, movements and sustainable development: concepts for a framework” A. Bebbington and D. Humphreys Bebbington Sustainable Development 26(5): 441-449.

“Mega-Projects, Contentious Action, and Policy Change in Latin America.” E. Silva, A. Bebbington and M. Akchurin (eds.), Special Co-edited Issue of European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies Issue 106.

Mark Davidson
Professor of Geography
Associate Director of Geography

Davidson, M. (2018) Participatory budgeting, austerity and institutions of democracy: The case of Vallejo, California, City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, 22(4), 551-567

Davidson, M. (2018) Why not anti-urban? City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, 22(4), 451-459

Davidson, M. (2018) Private is profit and the public is dead? City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, 22(3), 313-320

Davidson, M. (2019) Waterfront Development, Revised Edition. International Encyclopedia of Human Geography (Elsevier, Oxford).

Davidson, M. (2018) New-Build Gentrification. In. Lees, L. and Phillips, M. (eds) The Gentrification Handbook. (Edward Elgar: London).

Davidson, M. (2018) Post-Political City, The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Studies (Wiley: London).

Davidson, M. and Iveson, K. (2018) Presupposing Democracy: Placing Politics in the Urban. In. Rossi, U and Enright, T. (eds) The Post-Political City. (Routledge: London).

Davidson, M. (2019) Social sustainability: Politics and Democracy in a Times of Crisis in Shirazi, R. and Keivani, R. (eds) Urban Social Sustainability: Theory, Policy and Practice. Routledge: London.

Lyndon Estes
Assistant Professor of Geography

Waldman, K, Vergopolan, N., Attari, S.Z., Sheffield, J., Estes, L., Caylor, K., Evans, T. (2018). Perceptions and biases about climate variability in smallholder farming systems. Weather, Climate, and Society, 11, 369-383.

Zeng, Z., Estes, L., Ziegler, A., Chen, A., Searchinger, S., Hua, F., Guan, K., Jintrawet, A., Wood, E. (2018). Unexpected highland cropland expansion and forest loss in Southeast Asia in the 21st century. Nature Geosciences, 11, 556.

Zhao, Y., Baylis, K., Evans, T., Caylor, K, Estes, L. (2018). Comparing empirical and survey-based yield forecasts in a dryland agro-ecosystem. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 262, 147-156.

Karen Frey

V., K. E. Frey, S. B. Das & S. Jamali (accepted), Seasonal, decadal, and change point behavior in outlet glacier termini positions, Disko and Uummannaq Bays, West Greenland. Journal of Glaciology.

Sturdivant, E. J., K. E. Frey & F. Urban (2019), Snowmelt detection from QuikSCAT and ASCAT satellite radar scatterometer data across the Alaskan North Slope. GIScience and Remote Sensing

Frey, K. E., J. C. Comiso, L. W. Cooper, J. M. Grebmeier, & L. V. Stock (2018), Arctic Ocean Primary Productivity: The Response of Marine Algae to Climate Warming and Sea Ice Decline, In Arctic Report Card 2018.

Grebmeier, J. M., K. E. Frey, L. W. Cooper & M. Kędra (2018), Trends in Benthic Macrofaunal Populations, Seasonal Sea Ice Persistence, and Bottom Water Temperatures in the Bering Strait Region. Oceanography 31(2).

Neeley, A. R., L. A. Harris, K. E. Frey (2018), Unraveling phytoplankton community dynamics in the northern Chukchi and western Beaufort seas amid climate change. Geophysical Research Letters 45. (Journal Cover Article).

Griffin, C. G., J. W. McClelland, K. E. Frey, G. Fiske & R. M. Holmes (2018), Quantifying CDOM and DOC in Major Arctic Rivers During Ice-Free Conditions using Landsat TM and ETM+ Data. Remote Sensing of Environment 209, 395–409 (15 pp.).

Odell, S. D., A. Bebbington, K. E. Frey (2018), Mining and Climate Change: A Review and Framework for Analysis. The Extractive Industries and Society 5, 201–214.

Dominik Kulakowski
Associate Professor of Geography

Sommerfeld, A., C. Senf, B. Buma, A. D’Amato, T. Després, I. Díaz-Hormazabal, S. Fraver, L.E. Frelich, Á.G. Gutiérrez, S. Hart, B.J. Harvey, H.S. He, T. Hlásny, A. Holz, T. Kitzberger, D. Kulakowski, D. Lindenmayer, A.S. Mori, J. Müller, J. Paritsis, G. Perry, S. Stephens, M. Svoboda , M.G. Turner, T.T. Veblen, R. Seidl. 2018. Patterns and drivers of recent disturbances across the temperate forest biome. Nature Communications. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-06788-9.

Kulakowski, D., B. Buma, J. Guz, and K. Hayes. Submitted. The ecology of forest disturbances. in D. A. DellaSala, ed. Encyclopedia of the World’s Biomes. Elsevier. New York, NY.

Deborah Martin
Professor of Geography 

Hersh, J, Martin, D., Geron, N., and Rogan, J. [accepted and forthcoming], “A Relational Theory of Risk: A Case Study of the Asian Longhorned Beetle Infestation in Worcester, MA,” Journal of Risk Research.

Martin, Deborah G., Azadeh Hadizadeh Esfahani, Olivia R. Williams, Richard Kruger, Joseph Pierce, and James DeFilippis, [accepted and forthcoming] “Meanings of Limited Equity Homeownership in Community Land Trusts,” Housing Studies.

DeFilippis, James, Williams, O., Kruger* R., Pierce, J., Martin, D., and Hadizadeh Esfahani, A. [forthcoming] “On the Transformative Potential of Community Land Trusts in the United States,” Antipode.  10.1111/anti.12509

Hankins, Katherine, and Deborah Martin, forthcoming, “Neighborhood activism: Spatial solidarity in the city” in van Kempen, R. and T. Schwanen (eds.) Handbook of Urban Geography. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Locke, D.H., Avolio, M., Trammel, T., Roy Chowdhury, R., Grove, J.M., Rogan, J., Martin, D.G., Bettez, N., Cavender-Bares, J., Groffman, P.M., Hall, S.J., Heffernan, J.B., Hobbie, S.E., Larson, K.L., Morse, J.L., Neill, C., Nelson, K.C., Ogden, L.A., O’Neil-Dunne, J.P.M., Pataki, D., Pearse, W., Polsky, C., Wheeler, M.M. 2018, “A Multi-City Comparison of Front and Backyard Differences in Plant Species Diversity and Nitrogen Cycling in Residential Landscapes,” Landscape and Urban Planning 178: 102-111.

Locke, D.H., Roy Chowdhury, R., Grove, J. M., Martin, D.G., Goldman, E., Rogan, J., Goffman, P.M. 2018,“Social norms, yard care, and the difference between front and back yard management: examining the Landscape Mullets concept on urban residential lands,” Society and Natural Resources 31(10): 1169-1188. 10.1080/08941920.2018.1481549

James McCarthy
Professor of Geography
Director of Geography

McCarthy, J. (2019) Authoritarianism, Populism, and the Environment: Comparative Experiences, Insights, and Perspectives. Annals of the American Association of Geographers 109(2): 1-13.

Wilson, C., T. Morrison, J.A. Everingham, and J. McCarthy. (2018) Capture and crush: Gas Companies in the fracking dispute and deliberative depoliticization. Geoforum. 92 (June): 106-116.

James T. Murphy
Professor of Geography

Murphy, J.T. and P. Carmody (2019) “Generative urbanization in Africa? A sociotechnical systems view of Tanzania’s urban transition,” Urban Geography. 40(1), 128-157.

van Welie, M.J., Cherunya, P.C., Truffer, B. and J.T. Murphy (2018) “Analyzing transition pathways in developing cities: The case of Nairobi’s splintered sanitation regime”, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 137(December), 259-271.

Murphy, J.T. (2018) “The relational turn in economic geography”, In: The Routledge Companion to International Business and Economic Geography, J. Beaverstock, G. Cook, J. Johns, F. McDonald, and N. Pandit (eds), New York: Routledge.

Murphy, J.T., Carmody, P., Grant, R., and F. Owusu (2018) “The impact of China on African cities: Potentials for development”, pp. 106-127, in Handbook of Emerging 21st Century Cities, K. Archer and K. Bezdecny (eds), Northampton: Edward Elgar.

Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr.
Professor of Geography

Pontius Jr, Robert Gilmore. (2019) Component intensities to relate difference by category with difference overall. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation. 77: 94-99.

Shafizadeh-Moghadam, Hossein, Masoud Minaei, Yongjiu Feng, Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr. (2019) GlobeLand30 maps show four times larger gross than net land change from 2000 to 2010 in Asia. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 78: 240-248.

Varga, Orsolya Gyöngyi, Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr, Sudhir Kumar Singh, Szilárd Szabó. 2019. Intensity Analysis and the Figure of Merit’s Components for assessment of a Cellular Automata – Markov simulation model. Ecological Indicators 101: 933-942.

Quan, Bin, Ren Hongge, Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr, Peilin Liu. 2018. Quantifying Spatiotemporal Patterns Concerning Land Change in Changsha, China. Landscape and Ecological Engineering 14: 257-267.

John Rogan
Professor of Geography

Bebbington, Anthony; Fash, Benjamin; Rogan, John (2019) Socio-environmental Conflict, Political Settlements, and Mining Governance: A Cross-Border Comparison, El Salvador and Honduras. Latin American Perspectives. 46(2):84-106.

Bebbington, Anthony J; Bebbington, Denise Humphreys; Sauls, Laura Aileen; Rogan, John; Agrawal, Sumali; Gamboa, César; Imhof, Aviva; Johnson, Kimberly; Rosa, Herman; Royo, Antoinette (2018) Resource extraction and infrastructure threaten forest cover and community rights. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(52): 13164-13173.

Cuba, Nicholas; Lawrence, Deborah; Rogan, John; Williams, Christopher A (2018). Local variability in the timing and intensity of tropical dry forest deciduousness is explained by differences in forest stand age. GIScience & Remote Sensing, 55(3): 437-456.

Cuba, Nicholas; Rogan, John; Lawrence, Deborah; Williams, Christopher (2018) Cross-scale correlation between in situ measurements of canopy gap fraction and Landsat-derived vegetation indices with implications for monitoring the seasonal phenology in tropical forests using MODIS data Remote Sensing, 10(7)979.

Elmes, Arthur; Rogan, John; Roman, Lara A; Williams, Christopher A; Ratick, Samuel J; Nowak, David J; Martin, Deborah G (2018). Predictors of mortality for juvenile trees in a residential urban-to-rural cohort in Worcester, MA. Urban forestry & Urban Greening, 30: 138-151.

Hisabayashi, Michino; Rogan, John; Elmes, Arthur (2018) Quantifying shoreline change in Funafuti Atoll, Tuvalu using a time series of Quickbird, Worldview and Landsat data. GIScience & Remote Sensing, 55(3): 307-330.

Locke, Dexter H; Avolio, Meghan; Trammel, Tara; Chowdhury, Rinku Roy; Grove, J Morgan; Rogan, John; Martin, Deborah G; Bettez, Neil; Cavender-Bares, Jeannine; Groffman, Peter M (2018). A multi-city comparison of front and backyard differences in plant species diversity and nitrogen cycling in residential landscapes. Landscape and urban planning, 178: 102-111.

Locke, Dexter H; Roy Chowdhury, Rinku; Grove, J Morgan; Martin, Deborah G; Goldman, Eli; Rogan, John; Groffman, Peter (2018), Social Norms, Yard Care, and the Difference between Front and Back Yard Management: Examining the Landscape Mullets Concept on Urban Residential Lands. Society & Natural resources, 31(10):1169-1188.

Ye, Su; Rogan, John; Sangermano, Florencia (2018) Monitoring rubber plantation expansion using Landsat data time series and a Shapelet-based approach      ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 136: 134-143.

Rinku Roy Chowdhury
Associate Professor of Geography

Roy Chowdhury, R. and Turner II, B.L. The Parallel Trajectories and Increasing Integration of Landscape Ecology and Land System Science. In Press, Journal of Land Use Science.

Nielsen, A. de Bremond, R. Roy Chowdhury, C. Friis, G. Metternicht, P. Meyfroidt, D. Munroe, U. Pascual, A.M. Thomson. 2019. Towards a normative land science. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 38: 1-6.

Trammell, T. L. E., Diane E. Pataki, Christopher J. Still, James R. Ehleringer, Meghan L. Avolio, Neil Bettez, Jeannine Cavender‐Bares, Peter M. Groffman, Morgan Grove, Sharon J. Hall, James Heffernan, Sarah E. Hobbie, Kelli L. Larson, Jennifer L. Morse, Christopher Neill, Kristen C. Nelson, Jarlath O’Neil‐Dunne, William D. Pearse, Rinku Roy Chowdhury, Meredith Steele, Megan M. Wheeler. 2019. Climate and lawn management interact to control C4 plant distribution in residential lawns across seven U.S. cities. Ecological Applications.

Meyfroidt, R. Roy Chowdhury, A. de Bremond, E.C. Ellis, K.-H. Erb, T. Filatova, R.D. Garrett, J.M. Grove, A. Heinimann, T. Kuemmerle, C.A. Kull, E.F. Lambin, Y. Landon, Y. le Polain de Waroux, P. Messerli, D. Müller, J.Ø. Nielsen, G.D. Peterson, V. Rodriguez García, M. Schlüter, B.L. Turner, and P.H. Verburg. 2018. Middle-range theories of land system change. Global Environmental Change 53: 52-67.

Yoder, L. and R. Roy Chowdhury. 2018. Tracing social capital: How stakeholder group interactions shape agricultural water quality restoration in the Florida Everglades. Land Use Policy 77: 354-361.

Locke, D.H., M. Avolio, T. Trammel, R. Roy Chowdhury, J.M. Grove, J. Rogan, D.G. Martin, N. Bettez, J. Cavender-Bares, P.M. Groffman, S.J. Hall, J.B. Heffernan, S.E. Hobbie, K.L. Larson, J.L. Morse, C. Neill, L.A. Ogden, J.P.M. O’Neil-Dunne, D. Pataki, W.D. Pearse, C. Polsky, and M.M. Wheeler. 2018. A multi-city comparison of front and backyard differences in plant species diversity and nitrogen cycling in residential landscapes. Landscape & Urban Planning 178: 102-111.

Locke, D.H., R. Roy Chowdhury, J.M. Grove, D.G. Martin, E. Goldman, J. Rogan and P. Groffman. 2018. Social Norms, Yard Care, and the Difference between Front and Back Yard Management: Examining the Landscape Mullets Concept on Urban Residential Lands. Society & Natural Resources.

Florencia Sangermano
Assistant Professor of Geography

Markham, K.E. and Sangermano, F., 2018. Evaluating Wildlife Vulnerability to Mercury Pollution from Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining in Madre de Dios, Peru. Tropical Conservation Science, 11, p.1940082918794320.

Estallo, E.L., Sangermano, F., Grech, M., Ludueña‐Almeida, F., Frías‐Cespedes, M., Ainete, M., Almirón, W. and Livdahl, T., 2018. Modelling the distribution of the vector Aedes aegypti in a central Argentine city. Medical and veterinary entomology. 32 (4), 451-461.

Christopher A. Williams
Professor of Geography

Zhou Y, Zhang L, Xiao J, Williams CA, Vitkovskaya I, Bao A (2019) “Impacts of socioeconomic change on vegetation over the last three decades in Central Asia”, Science of the Total Environment, 658, 922-935.

Cooley SS, Williams CA, Fisher JB, Perret J, Halverson GH, Lee CM (2019) “Improving drought assessment by examining landscape response: a case study in Guanacaste, Costa Rica”, Ecological Applications, 29(2), e01834, doi:/10.1002/eap.1834.

Keenan TF, Williams CA (2018) “The Terrestrial Carbon Sink”, Annual Review of Environment and Resources, v43,219-243,

Domke G, Williams CA, Lead Authors, and contributing authors (2018) “Chapter 9: Forests.” In: “Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR-2): A Sustained Assessment Report” [Cavallaro, N., G. Shrestha, R. Birdsey, M.A. Mayes, R.G. Najjar, S.C. Reed, P. Romero-Lankao, and Z. Zhu (eds.)]. U.S. Global Change Research Program, Washington, DC, USA, pp. 365-398.

Cuba N, Rogan J, Lawrence D, Williams CA (2018) “Cross-scale correlation between in-situ measurements of canopy gap fraction and Landsat-derived vegetation indices, with implications for long-term monitoring of seasonal phenology in dry tropical forests using MODIS data,Remote Sensing, 10(7), 979.

Fargione JE, and 38 co-authors including Gu H, and Williams CA (2018) “Natural Climate Solutions for the United States,Science Advances, 4(11).

Renchon A, Griebel A, Williams CA, Medlyn B, Duursma R, Barton C, Maier C, Boer M, Isaac P, Tissue D, Resco de Dios V, Pendall E (2018) “Upside-down fluxes Down Under: CO2 net uptake in winter and net source in summer in a temperate evergreen broadleaf woodland,Biogeosciences.


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