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Clark University’s Graduate School of Geography stands with Ukraine

Clark University’s Graduate School of Geography stands in solidarity with Ukraine and with all victims of senseless violence and war. We also stand with Russian citizens who are actively working to stop the ongoing war and with all those who work for peace. We recognize the rights of all people to democracy and self-determination. We endorse the American Association of Geographer’s Petition of Solidarity with the People of Ukraine, which draws attention to the fact that “a people’s right to determine their future is inextricably linked with their sense of place and space”. We understand that justice and peace are contingent on our access to untainted truth and freedom of open debate about the past and the present. As we bear witness to the suffering of all of those affected by the war in Ukraine and conflicts worldwide, we are actively exploring ways of supporting students and colleagues whose universities have been bombed and whose lives and academic pursuits have been upended.