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Undergraduate Programs

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The Graduate School of Geography offers undergraduate majors and minors in geography and global environmental studies. The school also oversees the earth system science (ESS) track, one of three tracks students may choose as part of an interdisciplinary major in environmental science. Undergraduate students who are excelling in any of the three major programs also may want to consider pursuing the Accelerated B.A./M.S. in Geographic Information Science (GIS).

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Geography Major or Minor

Here at Clark, we like to say that without geography, you’re nowhere. Use the lenses of place and space to better understand the physical and social processes that shape our planet, and to address societal and environmental challenges.

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Global Environmental Studies Major or Minor

From climate change to pollution to the loss of biodiversity, our planet is facing extraordinary challenges. Explore our complex relationship with the environment by thinking critically about topics like sustainability, land use and resource management, and geopolitics.

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Earth System Science/Environmental Science Major or Minor

In the earth system science track — one of three options in the environmental science major — you’ll examine the structure and function of the earth’s lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere, and how these systems interact.

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Accelerated B.A./M.S. in Geographic Information Science (GIS)

Build proficiency in spatial analysis through this twelve-credit program that integrates geospatial and time-series theory with practical applications. Hone your skills in four essential areas: geospatial modelling, conservation GIS, land change, and programming (R and Python).

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Concentration in Geospatial Data Analytics

Gain a comprehensive foundation in mapping and spatial analysis, through specialized, hands-on training that introduces you to the tools, techniques, and theoretical framework necessary to address real-world challenges in almost every field.

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