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Geography Colloquium: Sage Ponder, Florida State University

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Financing Reparative Urbanism in Detroit and Puerto Rico In recent years projects geared toward promoting urban resilience have been at the forefront of innovations in climate change governance and disaster recovery. Developing an appropriate financial ecosystem to support such projects and foreground climate justice has been a challenge, however. Public-private partnerships have failed to deliver […]

Geography Colloquium: Catherine Nakalembe, University of Maryland

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NASA Harvest Africa Program: Advancing the Use of Earth Observations and Machine Learning for Agriculture Monitoring for Food Security in Africa Global food security is predicated on identifying sustainable production […]

Geography Colloquium: ‘The Economy of Immunity’

Jefferson 218

University of Toronto Postdoctoral Fellow Kelsey Johnson will use the commercial collection of COVID antibodies found in plasma as an entry point into exploring the racial commodification of disease exposure.

NASA Develop Internship Info Session

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Learn more about the NASA Develop Internship program!

Sponsored by: Career Connections Center