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Ellen Churchill Semple Award

This award is given to an outstanding graduating senior geography major. The award is based primarily on a student’s academic achievements, but consideration is also given to professional and community achievements, independent research activities, publications, and consulting.

2022: Anastasia Beirne-Meyer and William Talbot
 Valeria Chavez
2020: Maggie Paul
Eli Baldwin
Rose Kendrick
Yaffa Fain and Saira Khan
Kim Johnson and Sanika Shah
Michino Hisabayashi
2014: Michelle Andrews and Lucas Earl
2013: Joseph Danko
2012: Dylan Broderick
2011: Alicia Cavanaugh
2009: Jaclyn Green-Stock and Christopher MacAlpine-Belton
2008: Daniel Desantis and Laura Merner
2007: Timothy Currie
2004: Shana Retherford
2003: Diana Huffaker
2002: Ethan Frost and Josephine Shagwert
2001: Kathryn Machud
2000: Marguerite Andrews
1999: Lori Bohne and Naoko Kubo
1998: Megan Williams
1997: Michael Coles
1996: Erin Fitzpatrick
1989: Christopher Davis
1988: Michael Brown

Global Environmental Studies Outstanding Student Award

This award is given to a global environmental studies graduating senior, recognizing academic excellence within the global environmental studies program.

2022: Omar Sullivan
Sachita Barua
2020: Ahna Knudsen and Juliette Gale
2019: Krissy Truesdale
Hannah Corney
Claire Bayler
Eli Goldman
Gabrielle Kent
2014: Chi Le and Mikaela Monous

Clark Labs Geographic Information Science Excellence Award

This award is given to an outstanding geography major who shows excellence in the field of geographic information science. This award is given by geography but funded by Clark Labs. (Formerly the IDRISI Excellence in Geographic Information Science Award).

2022: Caleigh McLaren and Madeline Regenye
Benjamin Ryan
2020: Rowan Moody
2019: Anika Berger
Carly Robbins
Ali Filipovic and Will Heikes
Hannah Rosenblum
 Rebecca Chapman
2014: Sean Cunningham
2013: Yelena Finegold
2012: Parker Edmonds
2011: Andrew (AJ) Shatz
2009: Jenner Alpern and Albert Decatur
2008: Alina Taus
2007: Joseph Fortier

Linda Roth Memorial Activist Scholar Award

Linda Roth was a graduate of the geography Ph.D. program at Clark and was a life-long social justice and environmental activist a well as a very accomplished, award-winning forest ecology scientist. This award is given to an outstanding global environmental studies major who embodies the principles of scholarship and activism that she demonstrated during her life, from the U.S. to Nicaragua, Belize, and the Dominican Republic.

2022: Natalie Daly
Curan VanDerWielen
2020: Minette Himes
2019: Rebecca Silver
Krissy Truesdale
Katie Luczai
Katherine Landesman
 Selena Shabot, Rebecca Liebman and Rebecca E. Miller
2014: Sharon Bort
2013: April Herleikson
2012: Serena Galleshaw
2011: Callista Perry

Marcia V. Szugda-Emani Memorial Environmental Scholarship Award

The Marcia V. Szugda-Emani Memorial Environmental Scholarship Award is presented to an outstanding junior or senior in the Graduate School of Geography who shows the passion for the environment in their education and research that Marcia Szugda-Emani exhibited in her support of environmental education at Clark University. Designated use is to help to cover expenses associated with advanced research projects related to geography and the environment, with a preference for research and/or projects related to the environment and its relevance to human well-being.

2022: Amelia Balik (Geography ’22)
Kasyan Green (Geography ’21)
2020: Micah Tilles (Geography ’20)
2019: Olivia Barksdale (Environmental Science: Earth System Science ’19)
Meyru Bhanti (Geography and Environmental Conservation Biology ’18)
Daniela Reyes Saade (Geography and Economics ’17)
Chung Truong Nguyen (Geography ’16)
Julia Groenfeldt (Global Environmental Studies, ’15)
2014: Elliot Altbaum (Geography ’14)
2013: Emily Sturdivant (Geography ’13)

NCGE Excellence in Scholarship Award

The Excellence in Scholarship Award is given in recognition of outstanding scholastic performance in the field of geography. This award is co-sponsored by the National Council for Geographic Education and the Association of American Geographers.

2022: Jamie Joseph and Aaron Kirshenbaum
Amelia Balik and Garren Kalter
2020: Sophie Spiliotopoulous                                                                                                                                             
Rose Goldberg
Anthony Jreije
Isabel Miranda
Eric Pasay
 Joey Hersh
2014: Zoe Ritter
2013: Lauren Ziemer and Martha Ziemer
2012: Andrew (AJ) Shatz
2011: Angela Marshall
2009: Marie Anselm
2008: Joanna Plunkett
2007: Andrew Cummings, Annya Djachiachvili, Niluka Gunawardena, and Elizabeth Waste
2006: Allan Breed, Ryan Frazier, Jaime Huber, Emma Klein
2004: Daniel Pomerleau
2003: Patrick Morris
2002: Stephen Aldrich, Jonah Vitale Wolf

Strabo Award

This award is given to a junior in recognition of intellectual leadership, exploration, and creativity. It is named for the Greek geographer Strabo, whose seventeen-volume encyclopedia, Geographica, changed the known world of his time.

2022: Apple Gould-Shultz (Environmental Science: Earth System Science ’23)
Noah Rowan (Geography ’23) and Alia Tang (Geography ’23)
2020: Amelia Balik (Geography ’22)
2019: Kyle Pecsok (Geography ’20)
Iolanthe Brooks (Geography and Sociology ’19)
Ian Jackson (Geography and Women and Gender Studies ’18) and Rose Kendrick (Geography ’18)
Yaffa Fain (Geography and Art ’17) and Daniela Reyes Saade (Geography ’17)
Eric Pasay (Earth System Science ’16)
2014: Joey Hersh (Geography ’15)
2013: Zoe Ritter (Geography ’14) and Lucas Earl (Geography ’14)
Tatiana Baglioni (Geography ’13)
2011: Dylan Broderick (Geography ’12)

Peter J. Condakes Summer Research Fellowship

This fellowship is made possible by a generous gift from Peter Condakes, an alumnus and geography major from the Class of 1978. To be considered for this award (open to sophomores or juniors studying geography, global environmental studies, or earth system science), students must submit a research proposal alongside a faculty mentor to be conducted during the summer months. Applications are posted on the Careers and Internships page annually when available.

2022: Tanner Honnef (Geography ’24)
Luke Brogna (Geography ’22)
2020: Sadie Murray (Geography ’20)
Sophie Spiliotopoulos (Environmental Science: Earth System Science ’20)
Iolanthe Brooks (Geography and Sociology ’19) and Claire Shapton (Geography ’19)
Ian Jackson (Geography and Women and Gender Studies ’18) and Sophia Aronow (Geography ’18)
Claire Bayler (IDSC and Global Environmental Studies ’17) and Anthony Jreije (Economics and Geography ’18)
Yuka Fuchino (Geography ’16)
2014: Rebecca Chapman (Geography, ’15) and Alexander Hayes (Geography ’16)
2013: Zoe Ritter (Geography, ’14) and Gabrielle Kent (Global Environmental Studies ’15)
Yelena Finegold (Geography ’13) and Holly Jones (Geography ’12)
2009: Claire Griffen (Geography ’10)
2008: Marie Anselm (Geography ’09)
2007: Michelle Bozeman (Geography ’09)
2003: Daniel Pomerleau (Geography ’04)
2002: Denise Lavallee (Geography ’05)
2001: Rachel Regeczi (Geography ’01)
2000: Michael Staton (Geography ’02)

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