Two students examine thermaforst while on the Polaris Project in Siberia

Undergraduate Programs

Opportunities for exploration

Geography offers some of the most exciting undergraduate majors at Clark, and as a geography student you will have the opportunity to learn from world-renowned faculty and contribute to groundbreaking research, all while studying topics that have great environmental and social significance.

Geography majors use the lenses of space and place to examine issues as diverse as famine on the African continent, poverty in urban areas in the United States, the effects of climate change on Arctic sea ice, and how fires alter forest landscapes.

Majors and minors

Global Environmental Studies (GES)
Earth System Science (ESS) (administered through Environmental Science)

Nine reasons why Clark is a fantastic place to be an undergraduate major in geography

1. Top-ranked program

Clark's undergraduate program in geography is consistently ranked as the best in the country. Because we also offer a top-ranked graduate program, undergrads have the opportunity to interact—as fellow students in upper-level classes, in mentoring relationships and through research collaboration—with geography graduate students from all over the world.

2. Outstanding faculty scholars dedicated to teaching

Clark geography professors are world-renowned in their areas of specialization and encourage hands-on approaches to learning.

3. Undergraduate participation in research is encouraged

Research participation is an excellent complement to classroom learning and allows you to tackle real-world problems like hunger, inequality, poverty, environmental degradation or climate change. You can pursue your own research interests under the direction of a faculty mentor, or collaborate on projects with faculty and graduate students. Opportunities to present your research are available on campus and at professional conferences. Research participation can lead to co-authorship of professional publications.

Funding is available for qualified undergrads to participate in the Human-Environment Regional Observatory (HERO) program, an intensive research effort focused on environmental change in New England. The Peter Condakes Research Fellowship provides funding for an undergraduate geography major to work as a summer research assistant with a geography professor.

4. Relevant study-abroad opportunities

Because international universities take geography seriously and maintain top-quality geography programs, our geography students have excellent opportunities to study abroad while fulfilling requirements for the major.

5. Smaller classes

Introductory level classes with only 20-30 students, and more advanced classes in the 15-20 student range, make it possible for you to receive individualized attention.

6. Undergraduate recognition

Each year, the department recognizes three geography seniors and one junior with paid awards: the Ellen Churchill Semple Award, the IDRISI GIS Excellence Award, the NCGE Excellence in Scholarship Award and the Strabo Award.

7. Excellent resources

Undergrads have access to computer labs with geographic analysis and digital image processing software and the department’s extensive map and aerial photograph library.

8. Post-graduate opportunities

Because the Clark School of Geography has long had a reputation for excellence and is extremely well known, we can help our undergraduates find employment or gain entry to graduate school.

Eligible students also have the opportunity to enter Clark’s accelerated B.A./M.A. in GIScience program, with the fifth-year tuition-free. Other accelerated M.A. options are available in international development and social change, environmental science and policy, and community development and planning.

9. Fun

Clark geography students have fun while building excellent credentials. Attend the next event of the Clark University Geography Association, our undergraduate geography student association, and ask the current students. They will tell you that now is the best time to be a geography major at Clark!

Photography © Chris Linder