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As per the faculty handbook, “the Academic Technology Committee (ATC) advises the Administration and other faculty committees on technology-related issues affecting teaching, learning and scholarly activities. Its core membership includes: four voting faculty members (one from each group A, B, and C/D; and one from an enterprise unit), one of whom shall serve as chair; and the VP for Information Technology as a non-voting member.”


Clark University’s Academic Technology Committee (ATC) is the primary voice of the faculty on matters related to information technology and its impact on teaching, learning, research, and the professional environment needed to attract the best faculty and students to the campus. The primary goal of ATC is to facilitate the continuous two-way communication necessary to address the complex issue of technology usage on the Clark campus and to provide advice on technology priorities in support the academic mission of the University. Toward this end it will:

  • Advise the VP for Information Technology on issues, standards, and policy pertaining to the use of computing, printing, networking, video, and other information technology in teaching and learning, research, and other professional activities in the University.
  • Ensure that faculty and students are kept informed about major information technology issues, initiatives and priorities; and provide a channel for the concerns and suggestions of the Clark faculty to the university’s planning and evaluation processes.
  • Review trends in both computing and communication technologies as they impact the University’s long-term technology needs.

Full Membership

Individual committee members will be appointed by Faculty Steering based on their knowledge and understanding of contemporary and emerging information technology; the strategic planning process; the university’s mission for outstanding teaching, learning and research; the broad spectrum of needs and interests within the university community; and the need for effective stewardship of scarce resources. ATC will include faculty and select administrators identified as follows:

  • Up to four (4) faculty members appointed by Faculty Steering Committee with at least one faculty member from each group A, B, C-D, and one from an enterprise unit.
    • Group A = representative from the Natural Sciences
    • Group B = representative from the Social Sciences
    • Group C/D = representative from Humanities/Arts
    • Enterprise Unit = representative from Graduate School of Management, International Development, Community and Environment, or the School of Professional Studies
  • Up to four (4) administrators: the VP for Information Technology, the Provost (or his/her appointee), the University Librarian; and one (1) Information Technology Services (ITS) staff member appointed by the Vice President for Information Technology.
  • Other members of the community will be invited to meetings as necessary and appropriate depending on the topic.

Faculty and staff members serve staggered three year terms and may be reappointed.

For information about ATC membership, please contact the Vice President for IT/CIO.

Academic Technology Committee Members

Philip Bergmann
Philip Bergmann

Associate Professor


Ezra Cove

Professor of Practice


Joanne Dolan

Dir Acad Tech Svs&Client Sprt

Betsy Huang
Betsy Huang

Asc Prov & Dean of the College

Joseph Kalinowski

Joseph Kalinowski

Vice President and CIO, IT

Hugh Manon
Hugh Manon

Associate Professor

Laura Robinson

Laura Robinson

University Librarian

Contact Information

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    Fri: 8am – 5pm
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