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Information Technology Services (ITS) maintains a variety of tech spaces for use by the Clark community. These include general purpose computing kiosks, labs, and teaching and meeting spaces. ITS also maintains specialized digital media production spaces. Select from the options below for more information about these tech spaces.

Most teaching, learning and meeting spaces are technology-enabled, and are designed to facilitate creativity, collaboration and equitable learning environments. Most of Clark’s teaching, learning and meeting rooms include workstations and software to present media-rich content and facilitate multi-modal teaching and learning opportunities.

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Instructional lab spaces are tech spaces on campus with technology workstations and tools for instructor-led software learning. These are generally used during class meeting-time. Click on the room name below to view details about the space, and what technology is available in that specific room.

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Public computing spaces are areas on campus where there are technology workstations for community members to work outside of class time. There are four spaces available on campus.

Academic Commons Plaza Level

The public spaces in the Academic Commons, around the Help Desk, have a number of computers that are available for use whenever the Academic Commons is open. Two scanners are available when the ITS Help Desk is open.

Goddard Library 2nd, 3rd & 5th Floor Computers

On the second floor of the Library, ITS has provided six computers for accessing online research resources in addition to an eleven seat instructional computer lab, with a dedicated instructor station.

The third floor of the Library, ITS has provided two groups of six computers that face Atwood Hall & Red Square, with an additional six computers in the fifth floor reading carrels that are closest to Downing Street, all for general use.

Additionally, there are dedicated printers located on each floor near the work spaces.

These spaces are open during the same hours as the library. Click here to view library hours.

Available Software

The software available in each space varies. Click here to view the software available by location.

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