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Hardware for Personal Purchase

Clark University recommends that students own laptop computers, but with so many computer manufacturers in the marketplace, it can be both confusing and frustrating to make a purchase.

To help you, ITS has partnered with a few computer manufacturers to offer discounts on their computer offerings. If you would like advice before making your final choice (whether it be these systems or any other), please don’t hesitate to contact the ITS Help Desk 1-508-793-7745. Our staff would be happy to help you.

When ordering from the HP store ITS recommends purchasing from the EliteBook series for Laptops and from the EliteDesk series for Desktops. When purchasing from the Apple store ITS recommends purchasing from the MacBook Pro series for Laptops and from the Mac mini for Desktops.

  • Processor – dual core 2.4 GHz+ (i5 or i7 series Intel processor or equivalent AMD)
  • RAM – 16 GB
  • Hard Drive – 256 GB or larger solid state hard drive
  • Graphics Card – any with DisplayPort/HDMI or DVI support – desktop only
  • Wireless (for laptops) – 802.11ac (WPA2 support required)
  • Monitor – 23″ widescreen LCD with DisplayPort/HDMI or DVI support – desktop only
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Home or Professional editions, or Apple OS X 10.14
  • Warranty – 3 year warranty – desktop only
  • Warranty – 4 year warranty with accidental damage protection – laptop only
  • Backup Device – External hard drive and/or USB Flash Drive
  • Please note: The extended warranties listed above must be added at the enhancement page when selecting your hardware for purchase.
  • Processor – dual core @ 2.4 GHz (i5 or i7 Intel processor or equivalent AMD)
  • RAM – 8 GB
  • Hard Drive – 320 GB 5400 RPM hard drive
  • Wireless (for laptops) – 802.11g/n (WPA2 support required)
  • Monitor – 19″ LCD – desktop only
  • Operating System – Windows 10 or Apple OS X 10.13
  • Backup Device – External hard drive and/or USB Flash Drive

The majority of Clark’s computing resources and backend systems are built on the Windows platform. Support is available for Apple’s OS X operating system, but we currently do not provide support for the Windows operating system on an Apple computer. Since the choice between an Apple and a Windows system is usually a personal preference, we recommend that you come to campus with which ever operating system you are most comfortable with. If you have no preference, ITS recommends you contact the ITS Help Desk ( for purchasing advise. If you are coming to Clark with a particular program of study in mind, you may want to check with your academic department to see if they have a preferred computing platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Systems featured on these pages may be ordered by members of the Clark University community including:

  • Students: undergraduate and graduate students (including incoming students and recent graduates);
  • Faculty: including full- and part-time, as well as adjuncts and emeritus faculty members;
  • Staff: including full and part-time employees;
  • Persons affiliated with the Graduate School of Management (GSOM) and School of Professional Studies.

Please note: These laptops are configured for personal purchases only, as opposed to institutional purchases. Institutional purchases must go through the ITS Help Desk.

At the time of your order you may be asked for verification of your affiliation with Clark.

The computers in our desktop and laptop comparisons have been validated to work within Clark’s computing environment. They build on university initiatives, such as wireless network connectivity and laptop initiatives in the curriculum. In addition, Information Technology Services staff is able to offer you a higher level of service with these models as we have established a rapport with the manufacturers.

Clark believes that you should have a three-year warranty on your laptop computer and recommends the additional option of accidental damage protection (covering damage from spills, drops, power surges, etc). Most computers sold at retail stores come with only 1 year warranties.

Laptop computers best suit the life of the typical Clark student. Their portability allows you to bring your work with you to class, the library, or your study groups. Laptop computers are easy to secure in your residence hall and take up much less space in your residence hall room. When moving back and forth to campus over the years, they present much less of a transportation headache.

Clark has undertaken wireless networking projects on campus which are aimed at making network/Internet connectivity available. Clark’s wireless networking initiatives and projects greatly facilitate access to the campus network and the Internet. See information about Clark’s wireless coverage.

We have not asked HP or Lenovo to to include Microsoft Office Professional in their configurations because the university licensing arrangements allow us to provide it to you for less than the manufacturers’ best academic pricing. We encourage students to obtain a copy Microsoft Office 365 for free to current students – see the software discounts for students page.

Clark University also includes students in our campus license for antivirus software. If you are bringing your computer to campus, it is best to install our free antivirus software prior to your arrival. Or if you need help, we are more than happy to assist you. Contact the ITS Help Desk to make this arrangement at 1-508-793-7745 or email us at Help Desk.

ITS gets many questions about laptop security from folks concerned about the possibility of theft. There have not been widespread laptop thefts on our campus. In the case of the few systems that have been stolen, they were not secured and had been left unattended. ITS has made security cables available as an option with any recommended laptop configurations and strongly encourages the use of them.

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