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Application Requirements

Clark University requires that prior to your departure for your program, you must:

  • be a full-time student at Clark for at least one year
  • be in good academic, financial and social standing
  • have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (students who do not meet this requirement are required to come talk to the Study Abroad office about their interest in studying away)
  • have declared a major, or be in the process of declaring
  • have a passport which is valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended date of return, or be in the process of applying for one (for international programs only)
  • submit an “Intent to Study Abroad/Away” form to our office no later than a semester prior to your application
  • Meet the requirements of your program

Residency requirement and study abroad

  • Students in their final two, full-time semesters at Clark may study abroad on a Clark-approved program ONLY.
  • Clark does not generally recommend studying abroad during the second semester of senior year as grades may not come in time for students to walk at commencement.

Academic Requirements

Even though you are studying at a different institution, you must still understand how your academics will effect your progress back at Clark. The below requirements apply to all students studying away during the semester or for the academic year.

  • You must maintain a full course load while studying abroad during the academic year, which is 3-4 Clark units or 12-18 US credits.  This is especially important if you have a Clark-awarded scholarship or will be using federal financial aid or student loans.  Any exceptions to this policy must be approved through a petition to Academic Advising.  Please refer to the following chart for general guidelines. These charts are for advising purposes ONLY and all students must confirm their individual course and grade conversions with their institution and the Director of Study Abroad for accurate and current information.  Institution, departmental, credit and course information may vary from semester to semester. Keep in mind that a full course load abroad may not equal exactly 4 units.
Clark Units US credits ECTS credits
1 unit 4 credits 5-8
4 units 16 credits 24-30
  • If you enroll in more than 18 credits without a petition approval, you will have to choose which courses to transfer when you return up to the allowable amount.
  • If a course is a duplication of a course already taken, no credit can be granted for the course.
  • If a student has taken an advanced language course at Clark, they cannot get credit for a lower level abroad.
  • A normal course load overseas may range from 3-6 courses.
  • Keep a record of all work done abroad. Make copies of all your written work before you turn it in (as professors abroad frequently do not return papers and tests). Keep copies of all communication with advisors.
  • Your official transcript must be sent to the Study Abroad Office at the end of your term. See our “returned students” page for more information.

Clark-approved programs:

  • All courses receive letter grades, which show on the Clark transcript and are factored into the overall GPA.
  • Students may receive no more than 2 units for an internship and all internships are taken for credit
  • Students may not take courses pass/fail, except internships, which MUST be taken pass/fail

Non-Clark & Summer programs:

  • All courses will be taken Pass/Fail; will count towards credit requirements but will not affect GPA
  • Only grades of a C or better will transfer
  • Students must take a leave of absence (not in summer)
  • Clark-awarded financial aid and scholarships will not travel; state and federal aid will likely travel
  • Will count against 100% tuition for 5th year programs
  • Must get prior approval from the Director of Study Abroad at least one semester prior to application
  • Non-Clark programs in the semester must be in locations where Clark does not have an approved program
  • See summer application for more information regarding summer approval process