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Requirements to Study Abroad

All students MUST submit an Intent to Study Abroad during the academic year prior to the desired semester away. 

Clark University requires that prior to your applying for your program, you must:

  • be a full-time student at Clark for at least one year
  • be in good academic, financial and social standing
  • have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (students who do not meet this requirement should come talk to the Study Abroad office)
  • have declared a major, and have an advisor in that major
  • have a passport which is valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended date of return, or be in the process of applying for one (for international programs only)
  • have declared your “Intent to Study Abroad/Away” form to our office by Dec. 1 of the year prior to your desired semester away (why do I have to do this?)
  • Meet the requirements of your program

Residency requirement and study abroad

  • Students in their final two, full-time semesters at Clark may study abroad on a Clark-approved program ONLY.
  • Clark does not generally recommend studying abroad during the second semester of senior year as grades may not come in time for students to walk at commencement.

Academic Requirements

  • You must maintain a full course load while studying abroad during the academic year, which is 3-4.5 Clark units or 12-18 US credits.
  • If a course is a duplication of a course already taken, no credit can be granted for the course.
  • If a student has taken an advanced language course at Clark, they cannot get credit for a lower level abroad.
  • See “Academics and Credits” page for more information

Clark endeavors to approve a wide variety of programs that meet the academic, personal and professional needs of students from all majors at Clark. These programs have been vetted and approved not only for their academic fit, but also for their student support services, health and safety infrastructure and other opportunities for students and faculty.  If a student decides to pursue a program that is not approved by Clark, they must do so via petition from the study abroad office no less than one year in advance of application.  Students must have a sound academic rationale for choosing this program and it must be in a location where Clark does not already have an approved program.