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Application Deadlines

September 15 Application for approval for spring programs
March 1 Application for approval for fall and full-year programs
April 1 Summer application deadline

  • April 1st is the priority deadline for students to submit their summer study abroad application. Students will receive a response within 2 weeks.  Students who submit their applications after the priority deadline may still be eligible for approval on a case-by-case basis.  Study abroad will not review retroactive petitions for summer study abroad credit.
December 1 Intent Form deadline for all programs in the following academic year


Steps to Application

  1. Review requirements
  2. Attend Study Abroad 101, research and speak with your advisors, family and other important people; research scholarships.
  3. Submit an Intent Form by December 1 of the academic year prior to your desired semester away.
  4. It is very important that you fill out an Intent Form at the appropriate time to get your file created with the office and so that we can best support you and make sure you are meeting all required deadlines.
  5. Continue researching your program choice, scholarships and application requirements.
  6. Apply by the Clark deadlines.  All students must fill out two different applications: their program specific application for acceptance (submitted to program), and their Clark application for approval (submitted to Clark). Many of your documents can be used for both applications, and both should be submitted by the Clark deadlines. 

Requirements for fall, full-year and spring applications:

  1. A faculty adviser to complete your Course Credit Approval Form.
  2. A one- to two-page essay (see Instruction Sheet)
  3. $100 application fee.
  4. Unofficial Clark transcript.
  5. Resume
  6. A copy of passport photo page (valid six months beyond your program end date).
  7. Budget Sheet
  8. Health management form
  9. Confirmation of Intent to Participate
  10. Senior Statement (if studying abroad in your last semester of senior year)

Interested in studying away for multiple semesters?

If you are interested in attending two programs in back-to-back semesters, please take the following considerations in mind:

  • Participating in back-to-back programs requires staying organized and communicating with the study abroad office and your chosen programs during every step of the process.
  • You will likely need to prepare for your second program while you are out of the US. In some cases, you may need to plan a flight home between programs to obtain new travel documents.
  • In some cases, it may not be possible to participate in programs back-to-back due to visa requirements or conflicting schedules.
  • Students will be invoiced a $1,000 fee by Clark University, charged to their student account, for each semester that you study abroad.



  • Review the feasibility of your planned semesters away/abroad
  • Submit your intent to study abroad form for all planned terms abroad by the December 1st deadline.
  • Verify your program dates to ensure that your two programs do not overlap.
  • Contact your 2nd program and discuss the process for obtaining a visa.
  • Some countries have tight timelines for visa processing and may require you to apply for your visa while in the US.
  • Meet with Study Abroad staff to discuss your plans.


Submitting your Application: All applications must be submitted by Clark’s application deadlines

  • If the application deadline will fall while you are abroad, we recommend that you complete the necessary paperwork, including your course credit approval form, before leaving campus.
  • Students are required to submit BOTH their Clark application for approval AND their program application by the stated Clark deadlines.  Any delay in your program application may jeopardize your Clark approval.

For summer applications:

Students wishing to receive Clark credit for work done at an institution abroad must be applied for in advance through the office of Study Abroad & Away.

  1. Review requirements
  2. Rolling basis: Fill out an “Intent to Study Abroad Form” form
  3. Download Summer Application and submit by  deadline.
Summer program policy:
  • Students may find their own program
  • All courses will be taken Pass/Fail; will count towards credit requirements but will not affect GPA
  • Only grades of a C or better will transfer
  • Financial aid and scholarships will generally not travel
  • Students may transfer in up to 2 units per summer, per program

Summer 2019 Application

  • Program-specific requirements should be submitted directly to the program by the Clark deadline (regardless of when your program deadline is!)
  • Keep a copy of all approval and application forms and documents.

Notification of admission to your program abroad

  1. Notification of Clark’s approval to study abroad can be expected within three weeks after submitting a complete application. Notification will be sent via email to your Clark email address.
  2. Host universities or program providers notify students on their official admission to the program, usually via email.
  3. Once accepted by your host program, you will receive several emails providing additional information and requesting completion of forms.
  4. Submit requested information and forms as soon as possible. Do not wait for deadlines as this can be a problem in the event there are unforeseen delays. These may include housing forms, visa applications, scholarship forms, invoice payments and other action items you will have to complete.
  5. After you are admitted to the program abroad, the program becomes your main contact for questions and concerns. The Clark Study Abroad staff is available for support if you need additional assistance.