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Undergraduate Students

Application Pre-Requisites:

  • Read and understand the requirements for the applications to both Clark and the desired program.
  • Attend Study Abroad/Away 101.
  • Speak with advisors, family, and other important people.
  • Research scholarships.
  • Submit an Interest Form in the previous semester.

Graduate Students

Application Pre-Requisites:

  • Full time student not in their first semester.
  • Good academic standing and not on probation due to code of conduct violations.
  • Meet with academic advisor to confirm that the desired program fits with their academic goals and timeline.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall and Full Year: March 1
  • Spring: September 15
  • Summer: April 15

Apply to both your program and to Clark Study Abroad & Away by the Clark deadlines.

Contact Information

Study Abroad and Away Programs

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