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For Families

Studying in another location for a summer, semester or year takes lots of advance planning. The planning is not just logistical; it can also be an emotional, psychological and educational process. A lot of families wonder what they can do to help their student. We’ve compiled this timeline to help you and your student to prepare for the study abroad process, as well as some helpful tips.

Choosing a Program

Help your student plan for their time away.  Know the requirements, costs and billing arrangements, and type of program your student is going on. Students may choose a program based on geographic location, academic fit, language immersion, a personal reason or any combination thereof!  There is no “one size fits all” program for our students.

Financial Considerations

We understand that costs are a major consideration in every students decision to study abroad.  Clark endeavors to keep the cost of studying away for a semester the same as, or less than, a semester away.  Additionally, our office works with all students to ensure quality advising of all applicable scholarships and grants, and help students fill out budget sheets to ensure realistic expectations for their program and location.

Costs, scholarships and billing


All students are encouraged to study abroad.  However, our first goal is to set up students to succeed.  As such, we do have carefully curated requirements that ensure students have established their habits, needs and plans on the Clark campus before endeavoring a new start somewhere else.

Requirements and Academic Policies

Health and Safety

We also understand that health and safety are paramount to every student and families decision to travel abroad.  Clark Study Abroad works to ensure that all students are covered by international health insurance and provides assistance pre-departure, while on-site and upon return for students. We, in conjunction with our partners, local and international law enforcement and consulates, monitor news and situations that arise on a regular basis. Additionally, all of our program providers have comprehensive emergency protocols.

Health and Safety

Need more information?

While we endeavor to provide comprehensive and complete information in a timely manner to all students, it is also the job of the student to stay informed and do independent research.  Your student will be filling out an application, a budget sheet and signing confirmation forms to start the process.  These forms contain lots of important information that we ask is shared with families. Additionally, we send all students a copy of our pre-departure orientation and a study abroad handbook that outlines comprehensive policies, tips and to-do’s.  Ask them to see it!

If you have additional questions, please check our FAQ section! We know there is a lot of information so please check this website early and often.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may also want to do some additional reading on your own. Studying abroad is can be a complex, intense and challenging experience at times and you might want to know how best to support your student. Here are some articles and guides we recommend: