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Software Available In Instructional and Meeting Spaces

Please note that the “Remaining Classrooms” column below refer to classrooms on the Main Street campus only. ITS is still working with the Becker School of Design and Technology faculty and staff to finalize the software that will be available at the Weller and Barrett buildings.

Updated July 2021

wdt_ID Applications Bio\\Physics 310 Jonas Clark 103 Jonas Clark 105 Traina Center 305 (Mac mini) Remaining Classrooms
1 7-Zip X X X X
2 Adobe Creative Cloud 2021 X
3 ArcGIS 10.8.1 & ArcPro 2.8 X X X X
4 BlueJ 4.2.2 X
5 CMake 3.17.2 X
6 Crystal 2.6 X
7 Cyberduck X X X X
8 Endnote 20 X X X X
9 Final Cut X 10.5.2 X
10 Finale 26 X


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