Academic Area of Focus:

Creative Arts, Media, Design, Technology

Students collaborate on a project
Students collaborate on a group project.

We will encourage innovative scholarship, creative expression, and technology while teaching students to value human connections in an increasingly digital world.

We live in an increasingly digital world, where media savvy and technological know-how are necessary to navigate jobs and life. With our top-ranked Becker School of Design & Technology, growing computer and data science programs, and longstanding programs in the visual and performing arts, Clark is well positioned to promote scholarship, pedagogy, and innovation related to creative arts, media, design, and technology.

“We all know the sparks that happen when we put people of great creativity, intellect, and decency in the same space.”

Betsy Huang
Andrea B. and Peter D. Klein ’64 Distinguished Professor of English

To make inroads in this area, we will:

  • Equip and empower students for rapidly evolving creative and technological marketplaces. We will develop curricula and research, teaching students to celebrate the vitality of the human connection and to interrogate how power is structured in our society.
  • Capitalize on Clark’s strengths in the scholarly, critical, analytic, and historical research and study in the arts — and indeed across the spectrum of the humanities — in which many of our faculty and students are invested.
  • Emphasize the ongoing importance of music and other performing arts, all of which are excellent instruments for cultivating student engagement and campus life and also are especially important to Clark’s students, mission, and our community.