Foundational Area of Focus:

Amplifying Excellence

A student presents their work at ClarkFest
Twice a year, ClarkFest highlights the academic and research excellence of Clark’s talented undergraduate students through work conducted under the mentorship of the University’s faculty and staff. Students share their research, academic achievements, and creative works through posters, presentations, and interactive exhibits.

We will multiply the impact of our efforts by leveraging opportunities to raise awareness, increase our finances, grow enrollment, invest in research and technology, and improve our long-range planning.

Authentic reputation-building entails promoting what it means to be distinctively Clark in a way that resonates with broad and diverse audiences, both internal and external.

To provide a foundation for building our reputation in a more impactful way, we will work to better understand the perspectives of our prospective students.

“In pursuing our bold path forward, we affirm an indisputable fact — that we are all a part of something worthwhile and important, and that the world needs Clark.”

President David Fithian

We will also continue to invest in resources that improve our ability to tell the Clark story, engaging the Clark community in sharing this story far and wide.

Finally, we will multiply the impact of our efforts across all of our academic and foundational areas of focus. As part of that, we must invest in our talented faculty and staff, both in hiring and retaining them.