Support Curriculum and Careers

To promote our students’ academic achievement and career success, we are launching Curriculum and Careers.

A student meets with her adviser
Our Curriculum & Careers Initiative infuses career readiness within the curriculum and in academic advising so students are intentionally reflecting, articulating and translating their knowledge, skills and experiences to life after Clark.

Through Curriculum and Careers (C&C), we are more intentionally integrating career readiness into our undergraduate liberal arts curriculum. Faculty have created a map for each undergraduate major, allowing students to better understand how their academic journey over four years — including the skills and knowledge they acquire through coursework — will benefit them in the workplace.

Through these efforts:

  • As part of the first-year advising process, students will fill out worksheets that allow them to reflect on their academic journey and career goals and make decisions about their paths to graduation.
  • Students can more easily link what they are learning in courses with their other college experiences: clubs, internships, and community engagement.
  • Through the support of course development grants, faculty have redesigned or created courses to integrate the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) career-readiness learning outcomes and to help students see connections between a liberal arts education and post-graduation success.
  • Faculty who developed C&C-related courses participated in learning communities to engage in collective problem-solving and to share practices with other recipients.
  • To develop and implement the major maps, faculty have worked closely with the Career Connections Center, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and Dean of the College’s Office.

C&C received initial funding from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation.