Academic Area of Focus:

Science and Health

Kreenjala Pyakurel works in the lab
Kreenjala Pyakurel ’22 was drawn to Clark University for two reasons. The University’s small size helped ease her transition from Nepal to the U.S. But Pyakurel was especially attracted to Clark’s role in creating the birth control pill.

Clark strives to grow as a leader in science and in health, blending innovative pedagogy with cutting edge translational research.

Clark provides students both the opportunities and the tools to explore fundamental interdisciplinary science and to address a wide range of current, and future, societal and human scale problems.

Towards these goals, Clark highlights its support of one of the hallmarks of a Clark education: undergraduates participating in world-class research with faculty scholars, often in tandem with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, providing an intellectually-engaging atmosphere where students at all levels can thrive in science and health education. 

Among Clark’s assets in this area are historic strengths in psychology, the current focus of the Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise on behavioral health, and related and ongoing discovery in the sciences and humanities. We therefore are positioned to develop new knowledge and approaches in behavioral and mental health, health policy, and public health, from basic science to drug discovery and biomedicine.

“We want to push the field forward and think about how technology can help with the mental health crisis facing our young people. Clark is the ideal place for it.”

Nadia Ward
Director of the Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise 

We seek to become a destination school in the area of science and health. For science and non-science students alike, Clark would be viewed as a school that exemplifies the full scope of the human experience where science, the humanities, and the social sciences converge to provide all students with a strong sense of identity and community.