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Undergraduate Programs

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Take matter into your own hands. Study chemistry, and gain the skills, knowledge, and experience to meet your career goals.

Are you interested in biotechnology, health care or other expanding fields? Do you have your heart set on graduate or medical school or a STEM career?

A major in chemistry, or in biochemistry and molecular biology, can help you get there. By understanding how things work at the molecular level, you’ll be prepared to work in basic research or industry, from biotechnology to pharmaceutics to plastics and other consumer products.

Your Plan of Study

To complete our program successfully, you need to develop a plan when you enter Clark. Although it’s possible to start our program your sophomore year, we encourage you to start your first year.

In addition, we suggest you take these prerequisite courses right away:

  • Introductory Chemistry (CHEM 101 and 102) or Accelerated Introductory Chemistry (CHEM 103) during your first year
  • Analytical Chemistry (CHEM 140) during the spring of your second year

By taking these courses, you can build a foundation of knowledge, setting you up to pursue upper-level courses and research opportunities.

Advanced Study and Research

Interested in advanced study and research? You could:

  • Pursue an honors project.
  • Work closely with faculty and graduate students in a research laboratory.
  • Intern at a biotech company, hospital, laboratory, or another employer to gain skills and experience.
  • Qualify for Clark’s Accelerated B.A./M.S. programs in chemistry, or biochemistry and molecular biology.
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Major or Minor in Chemistry

Students majoring in chemistry can choose from two tracks according to their career goals: the American Chemical Society-certified track and the Standard track. High-achieving students can take their studies to the next level through our honors program.

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Major or Minor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

We partner with the Department of Biology to offer this interdisciplinary major or minor, which prepares students for graduate school or cutting-edge careers in biotech and healthcare.

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B.A./M.S. in Chemistry

Consider applying during your junior year to our Accelerated B.A./M.S. Program, allowing you to pursue more in-depth study of chemistry and complete a research project in a topic of your choice.

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B.A./M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Interested in an M.D., Ph.D., or landing a job right out of school? Gain more research skills and experience through our Accelerated B.A./M.S. Program.

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Explore the Department of Chemistry’s courses.

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Undergraduate Research

In our undergraduate program, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty and conduct research — what we call “elbow learning.”

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Careers and Internships

Whether you are headed into graduate or medical school, a nonprofit, government, or industry, working in a faculty lab or pursuing an internship can help you meet your goals. Our alumni generally land jobs right out of college.

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